Mountain biking in Latvia

Hi We are interested in a mountain bike tour or just finding someone who can guide us mountain biking in Latvia. We have a small adventure travel company in the USA and are interested in adding some new destinations for biking. Thank you in advance.


Country: Latvia


This one should be good:
The surraunding is interesting and there is very good service for tourists in this area - Sigulda (only ~ 50 km from Riga).

By the way - there are no mountains in Latvia! :)
UNFOURTUNATELLY, There are NO Mpountains in LAtvia, only hills mostly in Vidzeme region. Highest hill in Latvia is Giziņš (312m) above sea level.
Best place to bike mountains via rural roads and chosseaus are Vidzeme region in Madona district, Ērgļi distict and some other places.
Hi dear travelers!

It is interesting activity. We have one hill - Gaizins (311,5 m above the sea level). About 100 km from Riga

Beautiful scenery of hilly countryside, steep slopes, glens, a wide variety of scenery and plants, places radiating energy. Guided tours.
sure! Those who call themselves mountainbaikers use hills in Vidzeme soraundings. Vidzeme it is kind a highland. Definitely Sigulda,Cesis and Smiltene. It is not a problem to find somebody who would guide you!
You welcome!
We have a lot of nice cycling routes in Latvia in despite of the fact that we have no high mountains. For 7 and more days tours you can find some information here:
For 1-2 days:
You can also contact me here or
The brand new cycling tour or rout with GPS, PDF etc.:

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