hi i want to visit vietnam, whats the best time to go there how much money how much money do i need to bring for 3 days, 3 star hotel only


City: Ho Chi Minh City

Municipality: Ho Chi Minh

Country: Vietnam


Right now is a good time. The weather is mostly clear, dry and sunny ... although we have had some unseasonal showers in the last week.

For a 3-star hotel, not a "cheap & nasty" one, you can budget for about US$50 per night if you book over the internet or from overseas.

Local knowledge can get you the same quality of room in one of the hundreds of mini-hotels for around US$30.

These local hotels are one of Vietnam's best kept secrets for travelers who do not want or need all the services that go with larger hotels. If you only want a nice & comfortable room to use while you are in the city, I suggest thinking about this option.
Hi anytime of the year is great for visiting vietnam! rainy season here starts sometime july and ends around november. Soif you like short 1-3 hour rains then you know what to do. But june is the best time to come since all the fruits are in season extremely cheap almost all for less than $1/kilo. Money to bring also depends on what you want to do and where you want to go. Good hotels around the Tourist area would range from$9-about $30 per night. But the $10-15 rooms are really good for the money aircon with hot showers ref and the usual stuff. Eating is cheap $1-5 per meal is really good food depends on the type of restaurant you choose. Transport by bus is so cheap about 20cents per ride to as far as you want in the city.Or you can try the motorbikes called xe om around $1-3 depending on where you want to go. By the way at the airport if you dont get any airport services be careful coz sometimes they charge too high. It usually costs around $5-8 to get to the city center some would tell you its by the meter but their meter is already down so check. What do you want to see in Vietnam?My advice is only as good as your question. feel free to contact me local mobile +841225002521
Hi..u may come on summer time...for me i prefer on winter time..depend to urself with season u more like it....I dont think 3 days enough to visit Veitnam...beside that see which a part of Vietnam u wanted to Visit...currently i stay provience is closed to Hanoi Capital...there have a lot place may go to visit like Halong Bay (a day trip) , SAPA (3 day 2 night) & Hanoi (2 days 1 night).... for me encourage no need to stay 3 start hotel... if can just stay at guesthouse....need to spend a week holiday in Hanoi Capital... how much for a week for a trip... i will help to u survey...yesterday i just spend a day trip to Halong Bay...very nice view & naturally..u may add to my facebook at to view the picture taken by me..

For 3 star hotel in big cities as Hanoi or Hochiminh city, it would cost around 60-70USD/room/night (double occupancy. For food and beverage, it is up to you. If you just take local food or not a luxury western restaurant, then it would cost 20USD/person/day.
Hope this help you.
When to come depends on what you want- If you want cold weather and intend playing in snow (some years) in the mountains in the north west-then come in winter. If you want quite hot and steamy weather-come in the summer.
Right now is a great time weather wise- not overly hot even in the south, and little rain.
Hotels, read what the first answer says- Vietnam's best kept secret is, as he says, its small family run mini hotels where you can have all the comforts at a pretty low price. If you book them via agents on internet before you come, you WILL pay about double to cover the agents fee.
How much money to bring? Depends on what you plan to do. Will you eat in a lavish western restaurant every night? Expect to pay about $30 per person for a European meal with drinks- If you eat Vietnamese food (highly recommended ) at road side cafes- $2 per person per meal.
Sightseeing? Cheap if done with locals. For a 3 day visit, probably because I know the local conditions and where to get what I need, I would say $100 would normally be more than enough.
The best time to go to Ho Chi minh city is Dec - end of April. The best time for the North is Oct - beginning of May. In Centre of Vietnam, avoid July - Nov period. Depending on the hotel location, you can pay from 60 usd to 80 usd net/ double or single room/ night with daily breakfast and all taxes included in Hanoi and from 45 usd to 60 usd only in Ho Chi Minh city. The cheapest meal is a local "pho" rice noddle soup with beef or chicken at 1usd/ person. Other local meals served on the street restaurants cost also this tariff. A set menu in a nice restaurant cost from 6usd to 40 usd per person. You can enjoy your 3 days in Vietnam with around 200 usd. Welcome to our beautiful country!
A hotel in Hanoi will set you back 30 US dollars per night. For a 3 day journey, best to prepare at least 500 US dollars at hand for food and shopping depending on your needs.
Hi, the best time to travel in vietnam is from November to april.
The hotel 3 stars are about 30 usd/ room/night (2 people share one room).
Good luck,
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It depends on what you define "the best time". You wanna come on the top touristic time points, then December to March. You wanna come for tropical rains, then July to September.
Abt the 3 star hotel, the normal price in HCMC (take in account that HCMC is among the most expensive cities here) is 25USD and above for a day. Abt the food during one day, you can have very good food at the cost of maximum 10USD. But with just 1 buck you can also have good noodles here too.
Happy travel,
Hi Roger, if you only have three days in Vietnam then i suggest you base yourself in either HCMC or Hanoi. There are many small guesthouses or hotels in each city for about 20dollars US in district 1 in HCMC or the Old Quarter of Hanoi.You can then explore the city and its surrounding area, I would budjet on 50 to 70 dollars a day for food and accomodation.Enjoy your trip and next time you maybe will stay longerr.
The best time to visit Vietnam??? It's really depend on your interests: Summer (May to September) it's abit hot but great time for the water sports, taking photos. From Oct to April, good for mountain sports: biking - trekking.
For 3 days, 3 stars hotel: You need around $70/day/person (3 stars hotel, food...)
With me, every time is suitable to travel in Viet nam. And maybe summer is the nicest time for visiting if ur skin is not to sensitive with the weather ( around 25-30C). About the price, in 3star hotel it's about 40$ per night and u should bring as much money as u want because it's up to the way u spend money. But with 20$ per day, u can survive in Vietnam and enjoy ur awesome time there. Vietnam welcome all people in the world! Come there and enjoy ur self *_*
Dear Roger,

If you just visit to Ho Chi Minh city for 3 days, I think it's no need to spend much money at 3star hotel, there are a lot of guest house and small hotels (1-2 stars) with the flexible price (from 12-35USD) on De Tham or Pham Ngu Lao street, Dist. 1. This area is in the center of city, very near Ben Thanh market. You can walk around to discovery every corner of this city. Very interested!
Restaurants aroud this area are also cheap with so many kind of dishes (Vietnamese, European cuisines...)
Hope you have a good trip!
P/s: If you go to Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, I will help you more because Im working at Reservation Dept. of Swiss Village Resort.
bro pinoy ka ba?
yup im pinoy
you want to visit Vietnam? I think in this time is very convenient and especially it's not rain in the central and the south of Vietnam where have beautiful beaches and the famous places.The weather is very great and now the cost in Vietnam is going down. If you want to have more information, please contact me through my personal mail: . My HP is +84909509529.
And i can help you without money, you have to pay only for Hotel charge...
If you like sunshine, come here now, it is hot these days. If you like cool weather, come here from September to Ferbruary. Dont go to the middle of Vietnam in flood season( from July to November). If you wanna visit Ho Chi Minh city, you can find many mini-hotels at distric 1( De Tham street, Bui Vien street, ect) with price at least 20$ per night. People here are friendly and some can also speak English. These hotels are in the downtown, so just walk around and visit Ben Thanh market, The center Operah, war musium, Independence Palace, Notre Dame Catheral, ect. Vietnamese food is also cheap, at least 1$ per meal. It maybe cost for taxi from Tan Son Nhat Airpot to your hotel, and cost for XE OM ( Motobike taxi) if you wanna go around for sightseeing. You can also go to Mekong Delta( South-east of Vietnam) from HCMC in tour with price 7$ from 7am to 6pm include transportation( car, boat) and lunch). It must be fantastic for you. Now, prepare for a trip to HCM city, Vietnam right now.
Hi - yup, this is the best time 4 u to come here. Not dry and not rainy. The weather is, saying, a bit hot in the daytime but turns cool in the nighttime. Short and T-shirt is the best clothes.

3 days, I think it is not enough. Do not think Vietnam as Singapore. It is much much bigger. For 3 days, you are able only explore Ho Chi Minh City. This is the biggest and the most developed city in Vietnam. As the VND is much lower than USD (I assume u use USD), so just $200 (excluding ur accommodation) is enough for u. U can rent a 3 star hotel in Pham Hong Thai or Le Thi Rieng Street. Not so expensive. Or can rent a room in Pham Ngu Lao Street, a famous public place for Western backpackers. Just costs $30/day.

Why u don't ask to have home stay? If you wish, I think many localytes are eager to help you.

Enjoy your coming trip to Vietnam.

Hi, pls visit Vietnam this time. This is spring time. And this time you can have a big discount for any tour. 3days with 3star hotel you bring 1200 US dollar is enough ( exclude air ticket). Hope to meet you in Vietnam soon!
3 days Vietnam?? Ok, 3 stars hoteld are between 30 and 50 $. The best season to travel in Vietnam is March April.
Rainy season in the south is not to bad. Just some short showers mostly at the and of the afternoon.
In Central Vietnam it's different. Rainy season from September till January. In November and December you can expect big floods. In October big storms.
In the North it can be cold and wet. Especially if you go to Sapa!
Have a nice trip!
mahal mga suggestion nila may mga hotel d2 na mura talaga lahat ng klangan mo andun na mga $10 lang. D ako nagchacharge sa mga noyp turo ko na lang sayo kung cebu pacific take mo mag book ka online kung may credit card ka mas makakamura ka kung at least 1mo advance mo ibook.mura d2 chong d mo need $500 kung 3days ka lang depende na lang kung mamimili ka. Kipling d2 at northface bags nasa P250 lang. Bukod dun food at transport lang mura d2. Souvenirs mejo ok na din d touristic ang price d2. Sabihan mo ko kung kelan ka dating baka masundo kita para d ka tagain ng mga taxi.
Bro salamat sa mga tips mo pinoy ka nga maski nandiyan ka sa Vietnam dala mo pa din ang pagiging hospitality... gagawin ko advice mo will book asap sa Cebu pacific, I will be travelling alone. bro sundo mo ako ha hehehehe pwede ba home stay sau sau na lang ako mag babayad? kanu kaya manila vietnam manila?

hereas a website with many option for your referent :)
In Ho chi minh. we just have ... summer so... anytime is the same. district 1 is the best place but a bit expensive. Honestly, u should stay in district 3, district 5. many options for u. ah. takes 4 hours by bus to Mui ne beach (great for kitesurfing), 3 - 6 hours to Mekong Delta if u would like to explore some culture.
money: cheap here :) dont worry, u can find a hotel from 20 - 2000usd/night, 2usd - as much as u can for a meal. ut 3 days u just visit a bbeach or an island or a city.

hereas a website with many option for your referent :)
In Ho chi minh. we just have ... summer so... anytime is the same. district 1 is the best place but a bit expensive. Honestly, u should stay in district 3, district 5. many options for u. ah. takes 4 hours by bus to Mui ne beach (great for kitesurfing), 3 - 6 hours to Mekong Delta if u would like to explore some culture.
money: cheap here :) dont worry, u can find a hotel from 20 - 2000usd/night, 2usd - as much as u can for a meal. ut 3 days u just visit a bbeach or an island or a city.

hereas a website with many option for your referent :)
In Ho chi minh. we just have ... summer so... anytime is the same. district 1 is the best place but a bit expensive. Honestly, u should stay in district 3, district 5. many options for u. ah. takes 4 hours by bus to Mui ne beach (great for kitesurfing), 3 - 6 hours to Mekong Delta if u would like to explore some culture.
money: cheap here :) dont worry, u can find a hotel from 20 - 2000usd/night, 2usd - as much as u can for a meal. ut 3 days u just visit a bbeach or an island or a city.
I can not say exactly whats the best time to go to Vietnam. Because Vietnam is a long country with different kind of weather, geography ... So at any time of the year there always some nice places to go and see in Vietnam. For money you don't need to bring much for 3 days trip, it depend a lot on your need, your spent for shopping ... you can use credit card to pay for the service or get money from ATM in all the big cities in Vietnam. If you need more info, please see my website:
If you wanna come Ho chi minh City, you should come on Tet holiday ( Lunar New year ) from late Jan to Feb.At that time, the streets are decorated with neon light,crowded people on down town.Especiality, Nguyen Hue's Flower street.Total about 300 USD included room charge ( 3star hotel )and meals for 3 days
Price for each room per day of a 3 star hotel is about 17 - 35 $, depends on which room is. You should visit VN in summer, the weather will be prettier in that season. There are a lot of interesting places in VN, such as Halong bay, or Nhật lệ beach if u want enjoy a sea holiday, or Hội An or Sapa or Bắc Ninh if u want to discover the unique culture of VN. And if u'd like to see big cities of VN, Hanoi and Hochiminh city are two nice places. Hope that info useful for u. GLuck ^^
i agree with the suggestion of Jose Pillar. The service in a three star hotel and a good guesthouse doesnt have a big difference. It's the best time to visit Vietnam these days if you like summer. It also depends on which place youre visiting. For 3 days stay, you can go to Saigon and suburbs. If you need any help, u can call me. libre namang magtanong Cheers!

If you want to visit Viet Nam in just 3 days, my advice is that you should visit Ho Chi minh city,

Hotel would be around 20 -50 dollars per day depend on where you want to stay and how large the hotel you expect to stay.

Viet nam is very cheap in comparison with other country, we are famous for street food, meal is very cheap from aroun 1-10$ up to what you wanna eat (local food or foreign food)

in 3 days I suggest u spend 2 days exploring Ho Chi Minh and then 1 day in Mekong Delta, when you come here you can easily buy 1 day tour at the many travel agencies.

The bus is very cheap too, and you can check it at "

Also there is a bus from the airport to the very central place of city which is Bus 152 if you like to travel by bus and then from there you can take a taxi (a nice looking taxi will charge you much more less than a bad looking taxi)
I highly recommend that you shouldn't go to Ho Chi Minh City at this time because it's so hot now.
This is the best time to visit Vietnam. For affordable hotels and tour packages....check our website
mid of february is the best time in which the tet holiday is coming co'z a lot activities and partys....dn all the vacation places in vietnam,in the country side,many activities involving their custume and traditions...for 3 days of 1 person may cost 2000 usd more or less...
It's free now you can sleep on hotel's thousand star. I mean on street it's great ! Sorry I joke ! But i think it's just about 30 to 70 USD per night for hotel's 3 star.
In Hue City, you can stay in a very nice hotel with all the services for from $20 to $30 USD. You don't really need to spend more. Food here is so inexpensive, but it depends on what you like to eat. You can plan on a minimum per person of 75,000 VND to eat for one day. (15,000 breakfast including coffee, 30,000 each for lunch and dinner). You could even spend less if you eat "binh dan" or local people style. On the other hand, the sky is the limit if you want to try imperial buffet, or eat at really fancy places. For travelling between cities, you can now buy a one way ticket from Saigon to Hue for as little as 525,000 VND, but you can not change the ticket, or cancel.
The best time i suggest you to visit is from Dec-Feb, that is the time of x-mas, new year and lunar new year, it's very crowded in Vietnam and many travelers come to visit

You can bring approximately 150$ or 200$ for 3 days. That's enough for 3 star hotel, food, and tours.

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