Hi... what the easier, best & cheaper way to get Georgia from Istanbul (air, land & sea)?


Country: Turkey


Hi Hassan
Firstly if You will come Turkey,I want to tell you,welcome and it is really good decision to spend your time in a heaven.Actually İf you want to come İstanbul,there are some companies which is working as a airplane,they sell some cheap tickets but if you can find them.But I suggest you to come sea or Land.Land can take long time but it can more cheaper than sea and air.
faruk is right.
dear Hassan Ait MELLAOUCH

The easier,best and cheapeast way to get Georgia from istanbul is Flight with THY
it costs 117 euro one way from istanbul to Batum ( 2 hours )


Sure land, if you haven't booked airplane tickets months and months before your take off. I don't know how much does a bus ticket cost to Georgia Türkiye (Hopa/ARTViN) border. But from Hopa to İstanbul you can travel spending 70 TL (35 Euros) and I bet on your travel to İstanbul you will be planing a second travel to Türkiye, because on your way to İstanbul you will witness the magnificient Türk Blacksea nature. If you can spare a few days for Black Sea (Karadeniz) there are many historical and natural places to sea on the way to İstanbul (Karadeni Sahil Yolu). If you like a tour map example, I can give you some points about places to visit, or can make one using Google Earth.

Also there are direct flights from Batumi to İstanbul since 2008. The fee was (50 Euros) in 2008. (Source: )

Have a nice travel in Türkiye.
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