Looking for a Bakery or Pastry class ...

I want to have a chance to found a good classroom for study how to make Pastry or Bread or Cke or Ice-cream or other... Can you help me please to tell me some web adress on Bangkok area or Surat Tani or Hua Hin .. Thank's for your help..


City: Bangkok

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


Try "Suan Dusit International Culinary School" in Dusit, Bangkok. They are a part of Rajabhat Suan Disit.
Thank's for your help..

;) Eric..
There is the Baking and Cookery school in Sukhumvit, Bangkok who have a number of baking courses available, their website is: website
Thank's for your help..

;) Eric..
Hello Eric,im based in Pattaya,which is not one of the locations you have asked for,although there are quite a few cooking classes here specialising in Thai food,pastry or bread,is not a priority for these classes. A web site you should try is, website. Hope this of is help.
Thank's for your help..

;) Eric..
Try website c'k out all the dishes they teach, they're all yummy. Only 4 students per class so you can cook and bring back your food. She is a food columnist and graduated from Le Gordon Bleu London. or call 02 7196057, 02 3192746 email email for they could teach you in English or you must understand Thai .. Good Luck..;)
Thank's for your help..

;) Eric..
hi, actually my friend is a pastry chef and he's going to teach in Dusit Thani from august... how deep do you wanna learn and what is your budget? how many hours a week?

I do not know really, what' your offer ??

Thank's for your help..

;) Eric..
Dear Traveller
I can help you search one class what you want.
Please tell me more by email:email
Don't pay anything to me ,it 's free of charge


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