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City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


Hi Michelle, depends how long you are staying in Rio , day things to do are , beach , possibly in Ipanema , rent out a chair and an umbrella if you want some shade , always remember sun filters if you do not want to spoil days being sun burnt, there are many good restaurants , typical Brasilian cusine in most of the restaurants on the sea front in Copacabana , but there are excellent typical ones in the inner roads such as Porcao in Ipanema or Carretao in Copacabana where you end up eating as much different tipes of excellent meat for a fixed price , drinks not included , or other wise restaurants that sell you food to the weight , you serve yourself and then weigh your plate and pay accordingly , Comida a quilo, one I can advise in Copacabana in Rua Siqueira Campos last bit before the sea front on your left opposite Carretao , but there are so many restaurants which are excellent such as Mario in Lemme and a fejoada restaurant in Ipanema in Praca General Osorio.
Night life if you want to go to a discoteque and dance there are various options such as Baronette in Ipanema with house and hip hop music , Nuty in Barra de Tijuca same as Baronette, Six in Lapa with hip hop , and in Copacabana , Help, it is a good dicoteque but a lot of the public is made up of tourists of the male sex and brasilian girls , hookers, looking for their clients , but here you find many who go there just for the dicoteque , married or engaged couples from brasil and many parts of the world.
If you have time and enjoy the freedom of having your own car , you can rent a car from one of the many car rentals in Avenida Princessa Isabel in Copacabana . Having a car will allow you to go and see Busios which is a lovely sea resort for the well to do Cariocas , people of Rio , it has lovely beaches with transparent water and no large waves , and at night you can choose from one of the many good restaurants along the road in the center called Rua das Pedras , it also has a good night club open on weekends, a car is useful since the various beaches are quite far one from the other and your pousada could be anywhere and the the freedomn to go for dinner in the center....a car in Rio would be useful to visit other places such as after recreio the beach of Grumary where people surf and there is a restaurant on the rocks where you can eat an excellent fish roasted on coals and cold beer or wine, then you could drive to visit Petropolis in the hilly area behind Rio , an hourand half drive , beutiful lanscapes!! or go to Paraty along the coast betwen Rio and Sao Paulo , about 250 chilometers from Rio with beautiful pousadas and the whole town has been preserved in its antique colonial look , it was a place where Gold that come from Minagerais was then placed on ships to Portugal , many cultural events going on there , and you can rent out a large boat for quite cheap for the whole day that will take you around to the many small islands and you can stop in some and eat very well some fresh fish in the company of luxury yacht owneres that anchor there to have a good meal.
well I hope I gave you some useful informations , and in all this do remember not to go around with much money in your pocket but just what you need and a credit card , take more than one credit card in case you loose one, do not wear an expensive watch or go around exhibiting expensive cameras etc .... nothing has ever happened to me but I have seen some nasty action , so better be on the look out and avoid any risk and if assaulted , always be ready to give anything you are asked and do not resist because they usually have either a knife or pistol , never heard of trouble in Busios or Paraty...
Have a lovely time it is absolutly wonderful , I love Rio and miss it a lot and go there whenever I can
Just come to rio then u will se so many options dont be anxious!!
hi Michelle the question come twice so i have already answered you but if you would like to know more , just ask and I shall be happy to answer
Hello Michele,
welcome aboard...dear, now lets go talk. Rio de Janeiro are the number 1 place in Brazil to have fun, cold beer, sunshine all day long, beach’s with pristine sand,( Leblon, Ipanema, Barra and others ….) hot sun (remember all ways to use solar protector + than 30 ). Museums, Church’s, Yates Club, Horse Racing with good bets, Festivals, Shows, football/soccer games, partys, discos...etc., also good food (seafood, “Brazilian barbecue”, French cuisine, Italian cuisine, Portuguese, etc., you can find almost all type of food in Rio).
So, to see….we have almost everything that do you find in the best places around the World, just be careful when do you are alone, never carries jewelry or values more than US 200, watch, camera, etc., just have in your pocket the money that do you can use for 1 day only (remenber US 200 its enough) and even don’t carries credit card (could be dangers).
To go out at night you have to ask someone in the Hotel and tell him what taste do you have…be aware from some “discotheques” but for me to recommend something I have to know what Cain of music or entertainments do you like most I can’t thinking for your.
If you are alone I don’t recommend to get a rent a car …by your self it too much dangers’ and difficult to drive like we do outside of Brazil (we don’t have a good signalization in English).
Ask in the Hotel for places like Paraty, Buzios, and others small city’s but with lots of to see and to do with more peace and security. Like Ilha Bela (Beautiful Island) its pretty and the littoral are great to see it’s a little longer the place but worth go believe-me.
Rio de Janeiro it’s a great place to go and to stay…just take care your self all ways.... (its sad to write this for you, but it’s the true about our own safety).
Leblon in Rio are the safety’s place around to stay, walk, shopping, eat and be some days alone (walk to the beach)…oh, I have forgotten to say something about the Garota de Ipanema Bar and Grill do you must go there, nice and cold beer and food. And if you want some more advice dont hesitate...just ask for....
So…Welcome Aboard again.
depends what u liek to see......
A friend mine talked about "Lapa", is a place in Rio where you can find many kinds of clubs. Every kind of music and style and nice people.
yes, excelent place, to listen to popular brazilian music, dance. It is a historic location as well, underneath the Archs (Arcos da Lapa). It´s really worth visiting, day (for the tramway to Santa Teresa) and at night for music and dance.
yes, excelent place, to listen to popular brazilian music, dance. It is a historic location as well, underneath the Archs (Arcos da Lapa). It´s really worth visiting, day (for the tramway to Santa Teresa) and at night for music and dance.
It all depends on how long you're going to stay in Rio. Places you can't miss are Sugar Loaf, Corcovado, Ipanema Beach, historical downtown, Tijuca Rainforest, Barra Beach, Lapa just to name a few.

there is a dr.jekyll and a mr.hide in all of us. contact me and experience both worlds the brazilian way. trust me.
People really helped you out!

I would like just to add some good webistes for research:

PS: I went to Rio for Carnival and the city keeps its charm!

Hope you like it.
It is also important to check what are the best options for a specific day. Specially concerning clubs. You wouldn't like to go to Lapa from sunday to wednesday, for example, but you may find places that get good these days.
Ahiai! Big question here! it's like asking things to do in New York City or London. You can find entire books on the matter. However i just tell you some places I like and foreigners I took there liked them as well. Check the events at Canecao, a theatre that offers Bossanova, MPB and very good Brazilian music. I like the hippy market at Ipanema and nearby there is Vinicius and bar that has live bossanova music at night. If you want to try a churrasqueria that offers only and all sorts of fish go to Mariu's, you can eat all you want for US$25. In Copacabana at the corner with 1500 Av. Atlantica (between Porto Bay hotel and Copacabana Palace hotel) there is a side street: on the left side, entering this street, there is a good music store of Bossanova and MPB music, books and history of music in Rio de Janeiro. It also sells Brazilian music scores.
Hey Michelle,

Rio is much like Las Vegas, What happens in "Rio" stays in Rio.

Make sure you get to know someone local before you come though ... or else you will spend tons of cash.

trust me on that one.
Contact me via ! I'm on the web as a Rio-Brazil-Lat.Am. travel counseler. I cater to travellers of ALL budgets. Jim
There are a several places to go! Copacabana beach my hometown, Ipanema Beach, Barra beach and many others...Cinemas,Shoppings, Theatres,Museums,Restaurants and beautiful brazilian girls for your appreciation!
My name is Daniel and I live in Rio de Janeiro, copacabana beach. Tell me where and when you´d like to stay and I can make a package for you. Since 2006, I have worked for foreigners and students, specially from Norway, getting a place for staying, sports and cultural activities, transportation, etc...
Just send a e-mail to and I can give you many options for a good and cheapest trip in Rio de Janeiro. See u.
Barra da tijuca is one of the best!

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