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We are trying to put an expedition flag on the highest point of each and every country in the world till the end of 2010. By doing so, we are trying to create more awareness about the topic of HIV and AIDS. And it works: The flag has been to more then 90 countries, on the Mt Everest, etc. About 40 other countries are reserved to be climbed. The highest peak of Jamaica has not been climbed with our flag yet. So I was wondering if you would be willing to help us or know of somebody who can do it. It would help us a lot to achieve our goal of climbing the 200 Mountains in the world. We would produce the flag for you and would send it to you. You would not have to pay for it. We just need a picture from the flag on the peak. For further information, please feel free to visit our webpage at (English flag in the right corner) or email me. I am looking forward to reading from you. Please support our fight against HIV/AIDS Best regards Sandrine


City: Montego Bay

Parish: Saint James

Country: Jamaica


Wow this is awesome, I am not sure if anyone has been to the top of the Blue Mountains. I think you could contact the Jamaica Defence Force. They have a training camp in the Blue Mountains, and if anyone can do it i think it would be them.
Sure, I will take it to the Blue Mountain Peak. I do the hike to the peak on an average once per month, more depending on request. My mailing address is 2a Crescent Road. P.O. Box 421, Kingston Jamaica, West Indies. Looking forward to receiving the flag and accomplishing the mission.
hi Courtney,
should i send the flag to Courtney Minors at the given mailing adress?
The blue mtns peak r wonderful if u need help let me know, also we r on the highest peak on the mo bay side of the island and would love a flag here so bring 1 extra
No problem, I'm living nearby and i'm used to it, so it would be with a lot of pleasure...
contact me at email
Hello my good friends! Hope all is well. I think that Blue Mountain would be the hiest poit here in Jamaica, and i also would like to let you know that, there are three Parishes cornering the mountain. St. Andrews, Portland and St. thomas. Hope you enjoy your stay here in Jamaica. we welcome you anytime.
Dear Sandrine, the Blue Mountain is the highest mountain in Jamaica measuring approximately 7,658 ft above sea level at the peak. It is located in the region of St Andrew in the eastern section of the island. There are tours conducted everyday for persons to hike, bicycle and to camp overnight as it provides a breathtaking view at sunrise of the capital city, Kingston and surrounding areas. Sunventure are a certified team of tour operators which offers various tours to the Blue Mountain peak. Contact them at 876 960 6685. I'm sure they will be willing to take the flag to hoist it there. Regards, Natasha
The blue mountain the highest point in the country .

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