Can anybody help, please? I am Russian and I got a viza to Germany, but since all that is EU, can I enter the Union through Hungary...

...directly? Or it has to be done through Germany?


Country: Hungary


u d better ask at your local ministry of foreign affairs. or the embassy u asked the visa at. cheers!
Hi Olga! I checked the homepage of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Policy which has an English version also (). I found that there are possibilities to enter Hungary without visa for 90 days with the following documents from Russia: Diplomatist passport / Official(foreign service) passport. My personal opinion is that the security officers and frontier-guards should check your entry from out of Shengen regarding these rules.

Otherwise in order to get detailed up-to-date official information, I think you should contact the Embassy of Hungary ().

Hope I could help.
Yes, since Hungary is now part of Schengen, if you have a visa to one of the Schengen countries you can travel freely within the Schengen area as long as the visa holds. Note that not all EU countries are part of Schengen, but both Germany and Hungary is so between them that is fine. more about Schengen at .
Yes, you can come here to Hungary. :)

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