Rio de Janeiro - what is the majotr festival called

what is the major festival and whats it for? When is it, how many people attend.. What do you do?


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


The major festival its carnival but now its done....
In Rio we have parties all the time, all the seasons....
Tell me when u have intention to travel that ill know whats the best to do!
carnival of rio !!! sambodromo , and parades in streets
The major festival on Rio de Janeiro are the Carnaval or Carnival. And just finish, now do you can come do be a part of it..... because the Carnival you can made part....and should be next february, 2010.
Oh Thomas you are unfortunately 3 days late. Carnival is over now... There are hundreds of other events here in Brazil to attend to but you really wish to see the Samba School parade, you'll have to wait until 2010! :o)
tha major festival is Carnaval it happens in february every year, but the other seasons you can enjoy samba in mamy places in the country
Probably the major festival in Rio is the Carnaval... Although the beaches are beautiful so that it is possible to say that they work like a festival: you know new people, enjoy the day, the sun as well as the sand and the sea. You also can play some sport as Volleyball, soccer or you may surf. They constitute the best attraction during all year, no matter what season we are or if it is a holiday or not... You should try it!!
I believe that you are asking about the Carnaval. It is a 3 to 4 days festival that happens all over the country, but in Rio de Janeiro it is a magnificent show too. It just ended last Wendnesday. There are carnaval weekends in all major cities during different times too. They are like mid of the year carnaval. Every one of them is in a different time. Here are the major touristic destinations in Brazil, bessides Rio: Fortaleza (has "Fortal" in July), Recife, Salvador, Florianopolis, and Manaus.
Well like they said.. the major is Carnaval.. but we do have lots of others during the year... Kisses
The major festival in Rio is certainly carneval , many thousands of people in Rio de janeiro get ready one year in advance setting aside money to invest in the extraordinary costumes they shall wear. The ambition of many beautiful Carioca girls is to take part in the Carneval , possibly on one of the immaginative and creative platforms that belong to one of the many Samba schools, : Saugeiro , Mangueira , Beja Flor and many others, it all goes to the rithm of Samba music , each school composes its own every year and each competes with the others to which shall be voted by a jury as the best, each school takes about 40 minutes to do the whole trak of the Sambodromo , immediatly followed by another samba school, each samba school has has undreds and hundreds of people with the varied costumes taking part and the coreography is absolutly spectacular . Much money is invested in this magnificent event and who wants to see it and take part, can buy tickets for the Sambodromo for one of the nights or more nights , prices vary according to the location of your seat , most are , sitting on cement steps like a football Stadium and if it rains you take the rain but if you are looking for a more confortable position you can buy a place in a Camarote which are covered places that will hold 40 to 60 people and you have more comfort such as bar servive and food served can buy a place for next year , I advise with some weeks in advance , from most of the travel agencies in Rio , so as you get a better option ....But any time you decide to travel to Brasil , you shall always find festivals , feasts , parties in a culture dedicated to enjoy life throughly every day , something you will notice from the moment you step off the aeroplane and see the buz of life ....
man, its carnival!
watch me here while i danced at the sambodromo at the 23rd of february 2009 with mangueira:

and u can too!!!!!!!
its unforgettable!!!!!better than only to be at the sambodromo as a visitor! contact me for your custom for the carnival in sambodromo 2010!
Ah...Belém's main festival is the religious cortege called Círio de Nazaré. It happens each year on the second sunday of october (10/10/2009) and attracts about 2 million people on streets. But before and after the event, there are lots of events (like concerts, some block (type of carnaval), and nightparties) happening in the city, cause of the crowd.

Any doubt, just ask me!

Carnival is the major festival in Brazil, it happens all over the country but the most traditional and good is in Rio de Janeiro, where the samba parade is very well known. The main reason to participate is to have fun and be happy, and of course forget your problems and those of the country, like corrupted politicians, poverty, violence and so on... It is usually in February but sometimes can be in early March, the dates are flexible, it happens 40 days before Easter. Millions of people attends it all over the country, they dance, drink alcohol, use drugs, make sex with everyone they want and sometimes spend the rest of the year regretting the consequences...
oi, the major festival in rj is carnival and it's just for fun? and there are amazing lot of people, and its fairly common not only in brazil and if u go there, just get drunk like all the other people!
Ahhh... i forget, its in february... just 4 days ago...

If u want 2 know whats carnival, please look at

sorry.... but i cant answer anymore this stupid questions in LOCALITE.
seems the world is full of idiots... wants to explore the world....

best best regards

pedro (+ 10 points ;-)
You also have Rock in Rio, a more funky version of a modern woodstock with amazing surroundings..
Well, it depends on what kind of festival you are talking about. In Feb there is Carnaval, check this out:

Or also music festivals, like eletronic music, concerts, etc
The major festivals in Rio are: Carnival, New Year's Eve and the Pride Parade.

Everybody answered carnival, but I thought you meant music festival. Plus I don't even consider Carnival in brazil a festival but a parade and in Rio it's very expensive too. I don't like it much, it's pretty artificial and i always wonder if people enjoy or have to enjoy because it's Carnival and they all drink a lot. At the sambodromo-where the famous parade it's hels- it's for the rich, very expensive tickets. They used to do Rock in Rio () but they moved it to Lisbon and Madrid in latest years. They do the Tim festival, which has, famous singers ().
the major festival is called Carnaval.

It happens one time a year in the month of February

Fortaleza is Rio without the violence and crime. Come to Fortaleza for a much better time.


take care.
I would tell you the most famous event in Brazil is Carnival!
It's Carnival in February and New Years Eve on December 31st. Around 2 milion of people go to the beach to watch the fireworks.
I guess everyone said it right. It´s the Samba carnival
Dude there are som many festivals, you have no idea, your question totaly puts me in the spot, what do you like? carnival anyone knows, but we have folclore festivals to blues and jazz festival, to beer and fruits harbvest festivals, to wine festivals, all year long in all locations, Brazil is too big and diverse you need to narrow and focus your questions to better get answers. I myself enjoy cultural roots, and traditional festivals, some good different ones would be "Bumba meu boi" at the amazon region north of Brazil, very different type of carnival also the "são João" in June/july in any part of Bahia and north east, so cool, diferent kind of square dance, also bahia music AXÈ- festival de salvador, google it... Tell me what you you like, I'll help you!
Carnaval, the best party all over brazil!
That is Carnaval!!! FOR SURE!

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