Where can I work,visit and maybe relocate in south spain? Must have airport and other country near. Thanks


Country: Spain


Hola Nelo,

What kind of work are you looking for ?
Then I can answer your questions properly with locations in the south of Spain.


I am a multi tasking person.
My CV goes from Soft fruit production, Banking, Retail.
I used to work for a International Farm (strawberries main into Polythene Tunnels) and worked 8 years for HSBC Bank UK.
I find myself open for all kind of jobs and I am a fast learner.
I can speak Portuguese, English, Russian and basic French and Spanish.
hope you can help!

I strongly suggest you try to get a job in Gibraltar. Lots of companies there are always on the look for multi task, multi lingual personnel. Most of them are online entertainment companies with famous names such as , Bwin, LadBrokes and many others. Good wages in pound sterling and multi cultural environment.

Good luck!
Thank you!
Gibraltar is part of UK and to be honest I want to leave british way of life forever, If it was for the money I would try somewhere different than Europe but you need to live with people also I after 13 years in UK it is time to start being appreciated if you know what I mean.
All the best

PS: Is Marbella nice? do you have crisis there?

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