where in canada can a foreigner(medical officer) stay at the good price and good much it costs per month?

planning to come to canada this october and wanted for an immediate job much does it cost to stay per month even in a small single room? and how much can someone earn per day by doing any readily available jobs? thank you for your information or can contact me on skype : startrades


City: Montreal

Province: Quebec

Country: Canada


renting a single room would probably cost you around 300$/month, utilities included.
The minimum salary in the province is 10$/hr (or maybe 9,50$, not sure).

Good luck
The cost of staying (renting a small apartment) will vary depending were in Canada you're thinking of going??? (It's a big place). Sometimes during the summer you can get student dorms, which are mostly vacant during college year ends (less than an apartment). Jobs start at about $10./hour plus, but there might not be much available in the Med field. There are seasonal jobs that require new help during the summer (odd jobs, agriculture, outdoor maintenance/gardening etc.).
Good luck!
(P.S.) Having a Work Visa for the Summer would make things run more smoothly.

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