Is it safe to go to southern Iceland. Volcano near Thórsmörk ...


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You can go near enough to see the eruption in a safe way.You will not be alowed to go everywhere or basically closer to the volcano then is safe.
It is very safe to travel to Iceland but not safe to travel within 500 meters of the eruption. To get to the eruption you need to hike for about 4 hours from Skogafoss waterfall, a well known landmark in the south of Iceland.

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There wasn't a reason to cancel flights to and from the country but it was done just in case for safety as a standard procedure.

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Yes of course. The main road around Iceland is open, but you cannot go near the volcano. But you can see it very well many places around.
yes it is safe but the weather now is crazy
Volcano is a risky place to visit. Best is to stay away from it and watch it from a distance. The closest place you could get to the volcano is on the west side of Thorsmork actually in Fljótshlid. From there you can see the volcano in action and be safe. All roads are open conditionally but the road from Skogar up to Fimmvörduhals has been blocked. The road to Thorsmork has been blocked from Stora Mork (close to the old bridge over Markarfljot). If you go to Fljotshlid you must turn to left when arrive in Hvollsvollur from Reykjavik, follow the sign to Fljotshlid. The road is blocked in the end of Fljotshlid where you have to cross a un-bridget river in the so called Markarfljotsaurar. I hope this is clear and of cours it could also be changed accordingly subject to the status of the volcano.
iceland is wery safe to visit but you can not go near the walcano. its hot and very risky to bee cloaser then 500 meters. the mainroad around iceland is open and not dangeros. the walcano is up in the mountain but you can see it from the road in a good weather.
Yes it is safe, as long as common sense is used.
Is it safe to go to southern Iceland. Volcano near Thórsmörk ...

It is absolutely safe to go to the South Coast spite the events there.

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