my name is thierry le goues i'm a photographer i'm coming in peru form the 4 to the 14 of may for a fashion brand called antik bakik...

...there are based in paris we are planning to shoot a photo book with models and local people ( indians) we are looking a top guide who speaks perfectly english, quechua, aymara, we are planning also to go to puno and titicaca lake we need also a minivan for 10 people with an excelent driver please if you are the right person please leave me a message on my mail box we will contact asap i 've been in peru more than 12 years ago i met this guide josé in cuzco he was excelent if he is still around he can contact me as well thank you thierry le goues web site


City: Cuzco

Department: Cusco

Country: Peru


hi! I can get you a mini van with an excelent driver for Lima, Puno, Titicaca and surounding places.
Dommage, en Mai je serai a Paris!
Thierry: I can take care of all of this for you. Let me have your exact dates. Will you be shooting in Machu Picchu too? Do you need hotel reservations?
I will write to your e-mail. I'll be in cusco and titicaca near that dates. have you chosen locations, I am a guide and designer and I've worked with photographers.
Dear Thierry:
Get in contact with Apumayo Exopediciones, they have been hadling all logistics for BBC and National Geographic documentaries for quite a while now. Their contact e-mail is


iam tour guide in cusco with fluent quechua , i could help in cusco ,i can contact you with friends from puno the ones they are fluents i aymara please let me know soon
Thierry, I can manage the whole work in Peru, I'll write to your mail too, by the way I think you mean a van for Puno and nearby not from Lima, it's too hard the way by bus.
hello my name is ernersto im a photographer either and working here as a trekking guide in peru more in the areas of colca canyon cotahuasi canyon and inca trail im use to work as a tour leader too in peru bolivia argentina and chile , if you want me to help you will be great here is my mail address
my compan is selern expediciones and we are recomended at the foot print hand book
let me know if i can help you some how
good luck

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