Is April a good time to travel to France?


City: Straszburg

Region: Alsace

Country: France


It is a very good time. The weather can not be 100% good, but it won't be too hot or too cold. Tourists are not flocking everywhere yet. Make sure you know the French spring break dates though. So that you do not travel during rush weekends, in packed trains, with high hotel rates...
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In general it is a good time, BUT it DOES depend a little on where you are going. France is a BIG country and has different regions with various climates. April in the Alps is not such a good time. Snow is melting, passes are still closed and skiing is no longer possible.

Going to Paris or the Riviera on the other hand is nice indeed. Not many tourists yet and a good chance on good weather.

When going to the coastal regions like Normandy or Brittany, I'd prefer May or June though. Also, in my humble opinion, Paris is nicest in May with the trees getting green and life restarting everywhere!
I was in Cote d'Azur in april '08 and it was great
Have fun:)
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