What shouldn't women wear in Muslim countries in order not to look offensive for locals?


Country: Turkey


Hi Kristina
İt was nice question so I will answer it honestly.Turkey is a modern country but we depend on our cultures.Ok you can wear whatever you want developed cities of Turkey,like antalya,like istanbul or izmir.But in Anadolia namely İn parts of middle and east cities of Turkey,like Kayseri,Like aksaray or another cities where are in the middle of Turkey or east cities.But as I said istanbul or antalya is very modern cities of Turkey namely it is changable but I suggest you to wear that you can wear normal.this is better namely be is better:)
Take care
carry a scarf with you. wear on when and where you see woman with scarf. they will love you. it will be very funny, cause they know you are tourist and you don't have to do but when you do, they will love it. Mr. Isik's advises are true but for a part of Turkey. well, you asked about Muslim countries. it is one word, "no naked" I mean try to cover your beauty and body with modern clothes. you don't need to be like Islamic women but respect Islamic men who don't like to see sexy women cause of Islamic rules. please write for more info,
This is not a right answer.. What you mean carry scarf. Be careful what you are writing here about the country.. You might cause wrong reputation.
Mrs. Hulya, please read question that is not only for Turkey.
Yo can wear what you waer in Europa it does not matter in Turkey.
No one disturbs you.
Hello there

You can wear whatever you want.. No problem at all. Turkey is a modern country. You have your own freedom as all of us in Turkey as locals. Do not chance your clothing, your style.. Feel relax, confortable.. Only if you visit mosques, you must cover your head and you must wear long skirt and long arms t-shirts which is normal when you are in the mosque.

I live in istanbul . Summer time i am in Fethiye.. Winter time i live in England. Please keep in touch if you need help or further question.


Hi Kristina
Not a many Muslim countries Turkiye (not Turkey) gives you the opportunity to wear whatever you want. And be sure that you can find a lot of cheap clothes here.
Dear Kristina,
I can only answer you for Turkey. Here,You can wear whatever you want.. Turkey is a modern secular muslim country.But, if you visit mosques and holly places,you must cover your head and you must wear long skirt and long arms t-shirts.


hi kristina
turkey is a modern secular country according to laws but especially in the east part of turkey there are some cities which ıdon't advice you to wear sexy clothes. İstanbul, izmir, ankara, antalya etc..these are well known developed west cities that you can wear and behave however you want. good luck.
I would tell you to dress like you do in europe , iff you want to dress like a rusian (short-short mini skurt and very sexy ) you will get to much attraction in any city also europe, look ! you can see it like this , the whole westcoast from istanbul down to alanya is very modren and used to toeriststyle of wearing , when you go deeper in to the inland- east you can see on the clothing style from the locals how modren they are ,avoid to wear (russian style dresses with deep delecote) when you visit these places (would you want to visit a mosque then the turkish people would like to see you with a scarf round your head ( mostly giffen - at the entrance of a mosque ) for the rest you are free to wear what you want . on the end Turkey is not a country full of scarfed woman , you will be amased to see how modren Turkey is.
what do you mean dress like a russian - "short-short mini skurt and very sexy". You think russians are whores? Don't you think that it's warm - that's why girls wear short skurts????
If I make a comment . will you change your mind ?
It's not offensive because there are many muslims don't wear hairscarf & they try to be on the fashion with european style...
so don't worry about that!
feel free to wear what you want.
we dont the pressure that felt before on streets.
check out some websites about istanbul that you will figure out.
don't worry about. you might wear whatever you like. but please be carefull at nights. nıt just wearing, for your late night fun.

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