If I am going to work for 3 months in Hamburg, any suggestion for cheap short term flat? 2 persons, min 1 room is fine, Aug-Nov 2010


City: Hamburg

State: Hamburg

Country: Germany


Dear Patrick,

A good idea might be to contact the student union. Maybe there are students' flats available if they are in an internship somewhere else. But keep in mind that the winter semester starts in October! Otherwise you could check the local ads magazine for offers. Some people offer a room for rent in their own flat. Honestly, I am not optimistic you would find a single flat for rent or even for a shert term period for cheap. The market is expensive and tense in Hamburg. I am also afraid you can do a "working holiday" - maybe by chance - but officially everything has to be registered and the employer can get in trouble. A good chance is to ask for a "Minijob" - here you can earn EUR 400,00 but only for 20 hours work a week.

If you have further questions or need help, pls contact me.

Best wishes

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