I'm arriving at Treviso at night. What are the best options to get from there to Venice?

I'm planning to spend a few days in Venice. My flight arrives at night in Treviso. I want to know if I should spend a night in Treviso and leave in the morning to Venice. Also, what are the best ways to get there? Bus, train? Let me know prices, and recommended cheap hotels in Venice. Grazie mille.


City: Venice

Region: Veneto

Country: Italy


Hi, usually in Treviso airport there is a connecting bus to each flight arriving (it is a very small airport with charter flights). Therefore there is usually a bus every 30 minutes that goes from the airport to Piazzale Roma in Venice. The journey is only about 30 minutes and the fare is not expensive.
I can reccomend you stay at , prices for a double are arounf 45 euros per night. They are outside of Venice but you can go to the city every day by bus, 15 minutes bus ride. Also they organise pcik up service from mestre Train station (the shuttle bus from Treviso Stops there).
Regards Monica
Grazie Monica :)
Hi , yes there is a connecting bus into Piazzale Roma and takes about 30 mins. There are some hotels near to Pz Roma, such as Hotel Olympia, Hotel Arlecchino, Hotel Santa Chiara (all abut 3 star). I wouldnt stay in Treviso, I'd go straight to Venice. Also there are bed and breakfasts.
Usually there are buses at the time of flight arrivals to operate transfers to Venice. If you arrive with Ryanair you should find schedules and instructions on the airline website. Buses arrive to Piazzale Roma, the last places where motor-vehicles can arrive in Venice, and in that area you can find cheap hotels. Happy travels!
Grazie Alessandra. Fino a che ora posso trovare un bus? Arrivo a Treviso alle 21.15.
The other guys are right, but... what means "at night"?
You think you can find a hotel to wait for you to arive at 3 Am?
Specify please the hour so we can be shure of not informing you some useless crap!

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