not stockholm

what places can you suggest when I am in sweden in feb? scenery, lakes, snow, amusement parks


Country: Sweden


Not much to offer in the north as far as amusment parks, but the nature and beauty of Boden and Hemavan are certainly worth a visit
Hej! If you like big cities, you can try visito Gothemburg. I really like it. And the cities around it are great. If you go a lite bit east you can find lakes and beautiful landscapes. If you are looking for snow you have to go up north, maybe Are.
Hope I could answer... see you and enjoy
Uppsala. It is a beautiful city with the the biggest church in Sweden, and i think, maybe all of Scandinavia. The church is called Domkykan. There are tours everyday, and that is a beautiful church. About 5 miles away from the church is a grave site, of some 6th century kings, that is in Gamla Uppsala (old upsalla), around the corner but in that same park, you can shop to get some homebrewed mjod....MEAD....ha ha....

you can check out uppsala castle, which is now a house for the mayor or something of uppsala....there is also three museums in the castle...

Botanical Gardens
Dear Rose,

I can answer what is in stock in my region, my region (incl. Gothenburg) is all about coastal scenes, sailing & fishing, a cruise through the archipelago and hikes in endless nature resorts, maybe even a ride in the Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg or museums and shopping. Please tell me a bit more about your travel plans and the time frame. Do you plan to arrive in a certain city and are you prepared to travel further, maybe by plane? If you want to enjoy the winter sceneries, you may have to travel further north. The slopes and hill sites are amazing (yes Hemavan) or even a scenery visit to Lap√ľalnd and the Polar circle!!
Hi, I'd love to give you some information but, Where in Sweden are you going?
It will be easier for me to give you a propper answer when I know where you're going*
:) sincerely celine

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