Please can you advise me of a good cookery school


City: Bangkok

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School
: this is international school just open and famous in down town but kind of expensive course

Thai & International Food Academy (TIFA)
:this is famous abt head cheif he like superstar of cooking he run many tv programs and just fun and very enjoys with him he good with like fusion food and creative food' there are many program u can apply

:this one like cooking univer sity cheap for study and very localist style and reciept quite tradition and famous too for good to start learn cooking special thai.

hope u can find some good information ask me for more information happy happy:)
The Blue Elephant is an award winning restaurant and cooking School situated at 223 South Sathorn Road, right beside Surasak BTS. They can be contacted by telephone (+66 2) 6739353-4 or email: .
I have heard really good things about Blue Elephant
Please check out one of our programmes in Ayutthaya at
This programme is not only Thai cooking class but also to support the local community.

Any further comments will be appreciated.
Nutty /
Hi the blue elephant is indeed great for professional teaching..
Wanna just have a fun afternoon as a tourist..

May Kaidee has a vegetarian cooking school, you learn a lot on 4 hours and it is not expensive:
Also the Sheraton Grand Sukumvit organizes cooking classes, but I think they are very expensive
There is one in Chiangmai
Check this
Will you be in Bangkok? What area?
There is another good one, high quality. Check out the Mandarin Oriental Cooking School in Bangkok.
I heard the hotel offers the cooking class too.
for only 1500 thb, May Kaidee tells you all the secrets of Thai curries in about 4 hours, OK it is only in 4 hours, but I did it 4 years ago, and I am still gratefull!!
Air's Thai Culinary Kitchen in Chiang Mai. Below is a link to several videos of his classes taken at his school with recipes.

Randy and Ning
If you want to learn Thai cooking try in Phuket.
The best ones and more affordable ones are in Chiang Mai. The Thai Cookery School was one of the first to start offering courses to foreigners. Enjoy
Can you tell me please where are your location in thailande for a best answer ?
And do you want a Thai cooking class ?
Or Bakery ? or Other ?
Best, Eric..
Try "Suan Dusit International Culinary School" in Dusit, Bangkok. They are a part of Rajabhat Suan Disit.
Try . Only 4 students in class and u will cook for real not just observe. She is the food columnist, graduated from Le Cordon Bleu London.Tons of yummy dishes.. Bon Appetit
Blue Elephant for thai food
Dusit Culinary school for diversity
abc at siam
Some good and reasonable schools:

Thai Food:
Baipai Thai Cooking school is also very good and affordable. There are different menus on the different days of the week. Check out the website :

Indian Food:

Baking : UFM Baking & Cooking school

if in phuket, the most well known one is at Mom Tri's Boat House
chiang mai is very probably the best place for that in the country and prices are much cheaper than bkk.
this is the most popular local cooking school:
Here in Phuket I would recomend these two schools for cooking:-
Home style cooking at


Best of joy and good eating.
Near Khao San Road there is a great Vegetarian Cooking Schools: - no certification but awesome easy, fresh recipes. Check it out if you're staying in that area...
"Barn Krai Wang" @ Hua Hin (Soi 51)...if you wanna cook right next to the beach!! ;) It's a cake&coffee shop and also have cooking classes. It's one of my favorite places in Hua Hin. You can ring and ask. Tel: 032-531-260
Pls check this website '' he is very famous in Thailand for any kind of cooking, bakery, thai food and he is good for creating foods, mix this and that it has been new recipe from his program always. However, I checked the web is in Thai but I think this school is professional enough I guess they will provide you with somebody who can train in English. Just give them a call you will know already.
It depends on what you want.A certificate?Short course cooking?(Main famous dishes).I am providing a cooking school service but I'll start on early May... Check out on my profile.I'll update it soon.

check for the location/condition etc.,

and enjoy your course :)
yes, i agreed for Blue Elephant. it's very good for cooking teaching. there are professional teachers for cooking. and if you have any questions about cooking and ingredients, they can give you answer you clear.
Hi Sarah

I would like to suggest: The best cooking experiences you'll
find with a (real) good Mae Krua (female pro cook).

And in order to undestand from the beginning: Go and make
the shopping of meat, poulty, fish, seafood, vegetables,
ingredients, leaves, sauces, spices, fruits etc. yes even rice (here rice is not all the same) with your "Cook-Chef"!

And then - try it, do it again, over-and-over - it takes
a couple of years to get familiar......

..... finally: Bon appetit ! Enjoy your own prepared
Thai Food.
The Blue Elephant in Bangkok

Dear Traveller
Depend on which food do you want to learn ?
if you need more information ,please tell me by email:
Don't pay anything to me
it's free of charge


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