climate in iceland?

what is the climate like in iceland? Is it cold all year? what do I bring?


Country: Iceland


When are you planing to come? In the up coming weeks or in the summer?? Because the climate here is very random. The summers are not so hot, goes maybe from 15 to 25°c, but beacuse the moisture is so high it´s just enough warm so you can without a problem stay on a T-shirt.

But the winter usualy dont get very cold(in the south). These days for axemple have been very nice, a little rainy but acceptable, and the average temperature is now about 0-5°c.

But never the less it is winter and I would strongly recomend that you take a warm clothes with you because one thing is for sure that in Iceland you can never be sure about the weather- it changes very quickly.
Iceland - only the name sounds cold, the country isn't as cold as the location points to. It rains a lot in the south, in the north more snow during winters. Average temperature during winter is around 0°C, you'll not freeze as long as you have warm sweaters.
Good point, when are you planning to visit?

Average temperature in winter is 0 degrees Celcius or about 32 Farenheit, average temperature in summer is 10 degrees Celcius, or about 50 Farenheit. But in short, the temperature in Iceland throughout the year on the average is about the same as you will find in your own refridgerator, 5 degrees Celsius.

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I see other people have well answered the climate question...

So, I'll recommend other items to bring, also.
Don't forget your swim suit! Even if its just for a trip to the Blue Lagoon, or to the many wonderful swimming pools in the city.
A pair of comfortable walking shoes, ones you don't mind getting a little muddy, if you plan on taking any tours outside the city.
No matter what time of year, and depending on what climate you are accustomed to, a hat and light pair of gloves can never hurt. Though I wouldn't recommend a ball cap, as the wind easily takes those off the head.
Most times of the year, simply jean trousers and t-shirts are fine, providing you have a jacket to match the time of year you are traveling. A fleece sweater is handy, or you can buy a traditional wool sweater while you're here.
It's pretty cold to be honest !

You have to bring warm cloting from September to April, then from May to August it is okay for a light jacket but we don't sunbath a lot so don't count on it;)
Bring swimsuit for the geothermal pools and the lagoon - a very unique experience.
Bring a jacket or a coat
Shoes to walk in
Cream for your face if you come here during cold times, cause the skin will crack or get dried up if you have sensitive skin
Something for a sore throat :) Might get cold here :)
what to bring is a good questions but it is best answered if we know when you plan to come, how long a stay it is to be and what activities you seek.

above are all very good advise but I want to add that if you have electrical equipment to have a universal plug adapter with you.
Good socks, long jon`s, and waterproof coat is also recommended as well as sunscreen since the sun here can be very damaging.
If you have a medical issue, medicine allergies or some such it is good to have that information on you in english.
I always say prepare for the unthinkable and enjoy not needing it.
Read up on driving laws if you plan to drive.

Travel safe.
Well it seems many localytes here in Iceland have answered you.
I would also recommend you looking at Icelands weather website.It is also in English. It will give you the accurate weather ,and also weather forcasts.
The site is:
This should lead you directly to the english version.
the main site is
Like everyone has said the weather varies from season to season.
Best Regards,
Well what is cold? Compared to other places in the US and Europe the winter in Reykjavík is not that cold. Around 0° Celsius in December-January. The summertime is not that warm either but never bitterly cold. You can get temperatures up to 25-6° Celsius and down to 5° on a cold rainy late summernight. But always bring your good mood and a swimsuit for the endless supergood swimmingpools we have here all around the island.

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