Interesting places to go to and see at the Turkish Black Sea coast?

Please tell me what thay are and if you can provide a link or lead me to a website, I would be very thankful.


Country: Turkey


If you nearly to İstanbul; Could you go riva beach or şile beach its very nearly by bus 1.30 minute
You have to see Sumela Monastry, Camlihemsin, Artvin Borcka waterfalls
Hi Albert,
there are uncountless attractive spots to visite in the Black sea cost of Turkey and the programm of the tour you have to form will be up to your interests. So, you can see the web and deside where to go...I wish you luck and happiness during your jurney in Turkey...Hussein
The Black Sea coast is never crowded because cloud is more common than sun,and the sea water is chilly.But that'sfine with the adventurous types who come here for a few days to savor its deep history,its dramatic beauty,its special cuisine,and its prime legend:Jason led his Argonauts along this coast in quest of the Golden Fleece.Concentrate on the coast east of Sinop,a fortified town with a long history.The coast's prime destination is Trabzon (Trebizond).Other towns worth a look,or good for an overnight are Ordu and Giresun.Samsun is big, bustling and mostly modern, with lots of services but little to see.Starting from Amasya,you can drive 130 km (81 miles, 2 hours) north to Samsun,then continue 365 km (227 miles, 6 hours) to Trabzon, enjoying the scenery, all in one day, but two days is obviously more relaxed, and three gives you the time to explore in detail.From Trabzon, head up into the mountains to the alpine spa and hiking village of Ayder,then up onto the Anatolian plateau with Erzurum as your goal.The short route is via Gümüshane and Bayburt,the longer and more interesting route is via Rize,Hopa, Artvin and Yusufeli in the Kaçkar Mountains.
BLACK SEA CLASSICALS(Midi Tour 4 Days 3 Nights)
DAY 1: SUMELA MONASTERY, ZIGANA, KARACA CAVE: After arriving at Trabzon International Airport, we begin our trip with visiting century Sumela Monastery and Altindere National Park. Later on we drive you up to Zigana Mountain, crossing the mountain with spectacular mountain villages’ view. We arrive at Gümüşhane city provinces to visit Karaca Cave, considered the most beautiful in Turkey for its colors and formations. Drive back to our hotel located at the centre of city. Check-in to hotel, dinner and overnight at 4* Hotel Usta. (D)
DAY 2: TRABZON CITY TOUR, UZUNGOL: Today we will explore the highlights Trabzon City, the most attractive points: century St. Sophia Museum, Ataturk's Mansion, Boztebe Hill, Ladies Bazaar, Sera Lake. Lunch at a seaside restaurant serving famous Akçaabat Meatball. Afternoon we drive to Uzungöl (long lake). It's a hidden paradise in Pontic Alps. We hike around the lake and village and check-in our wooden hotel, dinner and overnight at Inan Kardesler Hotel. (B, D)
DAY 3: RIZE, CAMLIHEMSIN, ZILKALE, AYDER: Today we are leaving from Uzungöl. Short break at Rize for panoramic view of the city from Botanic Garden, than we arrive to Firtina (Storm) Valley which takes us to Ayder Plateau. Before arriving Ayder we will see Camlihemsin, Konaklar, Senyuva Bridge, Zil Kale. Soft trekking to Goksu Fall which is the highest and most beautiful in the region. we arrive to Ayder before sundown, check in our wooden hotel, dinner and overnight at Hasimoglu Hotel. (B, D)
DAY 4: AYDER, TRABZON: Today we have time to explore that beautiful Alpine Plateau is Ayder until noon. Traditional dressed village ladies, thermal spring, waterfalls dropping down from hundreds meters and beautiful plateau houses are going to be interest of you. Afternoon we drive back to Trabzon Int'l Airport for a homebound flight and say farewell.EMRE ÖNAL
you should see SUMELA MONASTERY which is carved in the mountain and ı thınk u have to see UZUNGÖL.when ı saw there ı thought that here should be heaven.ı ı thınk have to see AYDER PLATEAU
Alpine forests? Tea plantations? Billions of hazelnuts? World's oldest cherry orchards?

Turkey's Black Sea coast comes as a surprise
The coast's prime destination is Trabzon (Trebizond). Trabzon is also a good base for visiting surrounding sites such as Sumela Monastery, the alpine village of Ayder, and the tea-growing towns such as Rize to the east.Other notable churches include the Church of St Anne (Küçük Ayvasil , 885), St Eugenius (Yeni Cuma Camii, 1200s) and Panaghia Chrysokephalos (Fatih Büyük Camii, 1200s).

Other towns worth a look, or good for an overnight are Ordu and Giresun. Samsun is big, bustling and mostly modern, with lots of services but little to see.go from Trabzon up into the Kaçkar Mountains to Artvin, Yusufeli or Erzurum on the Anatolian you the The Kaçkars , the northeasternmost range, their slopes plummeting into the Black Sea.
In the steep, fertile valleys, farmers in villages and small towns make a precarious living from their fruit (especially apricot) and nut (especially walnut) orchards, mountain fields and pastures more inormation you can find on .

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We have been organising trekking tours in the Kackar mountains.If you visit our website, will see that it is the best place to travel in the blacksea region of Turkey.
Sumela Monastery,maybe a quick visit in Sinop,check out Rize,i loved it,when i visited
As my family is from rize,in Black Sea and I often visit this region I honestly an say that it's aaprt from the heaven.I visited all regions of my country and most of it.ı beleive its the best of Turkey with nature, nice,funny,friendly people,atmosphere...
ı SUGGEST NOT to join a professional tour.
As I know the region well, I recommend to visit TRABZON,RIZE AND ARTVIN cities. These are on the east of Black Sea Coast.AWESOME!!
Best time to visit this region is from middle of May until October. When everywhere very hot in summer it's cool in summer.
When u decided to come,u can ask me for detail information.
It would sound a bit boring but spend a day or two in nommadic summer camps. They are not totally nomadic, some people live there whole year long but usually, spending summer in high mountains is a routine for many local families.
It would sound a bit boring but spend a day or two in nommadic summer camps. They are not totally nomadic, some people live there whole year long but usually, spending summer in high mountains is a routine for many local families.

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