Can you please tell me the name of the market in Bangkok that sells mainly car accessories?

They sell car accessories, car stereos, etc. I can't remember the name right but it sounds like "Varachoke market". I'm not sure, though. Can you tell me the name and where I can find that particular market? Is it in China Town?


City: Bangkok Metropolis

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


it is Vorachak market, close to Chinatown.
hi, i think there's also a market at bangkapi area selling car stereos.. but mostly are 2nd hand
Yes, the Vorachak, or Vorajak... not far from China town, and Memorial Bridge. You can come over by MRT, stop at Hua lum phong and get the tuk tuk around 40Baht, or bus no.48... :)
Hi There are multile spelling in English. Vorachat market or types of markets have several locations as well as weekly classfied that is sold at news stands.
The main markets are near Chinatown which also has Banmaw the electornics market, behind the National Sports Stadium and Chula University which is behind MBK another major one is on BangnaTrat about km15 located on the south side heading out of bangkok oyu would u-turn to come back the area this is probably the biggest it covers about 20 rai. There is a big red sign in Thai on the highway. Turn in at the sign. new and used parts tires etc. Bargain hard on everything.
Vorajak Market or Chiang Kong (behind the MBK)!
Like to make a lot of points, Beam?? :P
It calls Vorachak Market..there is the other place nearby MBK "cheing kong"
My friend's father and her cousin have shop at Vorachak..
I think Raymond give u perfect answer with all detail;>
Vorajok near China town
you can find a lot in....
Chai kong - rangsit
Talad poon sab -rangsit.

Good day.
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Thats right vorachak is the name,a short ride in a taxi from kow san road, chinatown, and the palace
Its close to China town.
Vorajak Market is correct it is close to china town and you should have no problem finding it if you get in a tuk tuk
There is a Car parts / Accessories market "behind" the
main Railway Station (Hua Lamphong); you cant miss!
Vorachak market is all you need. It's close to Chinatown.


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