i would like to visit finland any time. i have money but seem to have a problem getting a visa. how can i find trusted tourism firms... finland who can help get a visa? i am in st petersburg russia, have been trying for the last two years to acquire a visa but couldnt get any help.


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I don't know if our local travel agencies help with visa issues, but my father has been working with russians and visa authorities for years. This is a link to his page. Although it is in finnish, you can find his contact details there. I hope this is of any help to you.
You can get traveller permission for Finland, at any Finnish embassy! Tourist bureaus sells you just travel packages =)
Jan-Erik has the correct answer.

Look ->

Foreign nationals who need a Schengen visa for travel to Finland are requested to apply for it at the nearest Finnish mission or at a mission of another Schengen country, which represents Finland in visa matters, not earlier than three (3) months prior to the planned visit.

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