Hey there, I'll be visting london in 2 weeks, n searching for good company and nice places to visit and party in! thanks


City: London

Constituent state: England

Country: United Kingdom


Hello Karl,

What places are you interested in visiting? There's a lot to do in London, so having some direction would be nice :) For partying and restaurants would be of help, just to see what's on. The rest is really up to your demands.

London offers so much it is hard to advise if one doesn't know what your interests are. However buying the magazine "Time Out" is a good start to find what's on at the time of your visit. Good luck and have a great time!!
Hi there.
London is fantastic place to have fun.
please visit this website

in there depending in your taste you can choose what to see and where in 2010,what to eat, where.
Where to party and where to have the best fun of your stay in London.
As you didn't specify your tastes cannot advise better.
All the best and enjoy London
1st, how old are you?
2nd what budget do you have?
3rd are you a confident character?
so, 1st, it does matter how old you are, but it 's more important for women in london to be young, as for what kind of fun do you wish to enjoy? parties are on every night and you just need to hang around Covent Garden/Leicester Square to make sure that you bump into the right crowd to party with
good luck

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