Do you know what the best way is to travel around Paris?


City: Straszburg

Region: Alsace

Country: France


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If you're on your own, the best way to travel around Paris is by Metro, the city's fabulous subway system. But it can be make your trip to Paris much more enjoyable and informative to have a guide, at least part of the time. A guide knows the city really well, can suggest places off the beaten track you wouldn't find otherwise, and anwser all your questions. Our English-speaking guides are very experienced, friendly and fun, and we can provide deluxe transportation with pick-up and drop-off at your hotel. We can also arrange tours for you outside of Paris, to Versailles, Giverny, the Normandy D-Day beaches, etc. We're a full-service tour operator and can also do a whole package for you. Check us out at - we're happy to help!
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Around Paris: if you mean outside the city itself, you can the RER trains or regulars train , like to go to Versailles or Giverny for example. Some buses can be helpful too.
You will be able to find a map of of the Rer on the following site .On the right of the page, yo will see letters in cricles: RER for the suburban trains, M for subway, B for bus and T for tramways.
Hope that helps!
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Inside Paris the subway is great (le Metro).
The very best way to get the most out of your Paris visit is to walk - Paris is a very "walkable" city!
But if that sounds daunting, the Metro is easy to use.
The disadvantage to the metro is that you don't see anything while commuting.
Taxis are NOT expensive, within the city. From the Airport is different, they tack on Airport taxes, and charge you for luggage...
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