Areas in Toronto and Greater Toronto that you find to be the safest places to live in?

I'm thinking about Etobichoke and Riverdale. Are they safe? Can you suggest any other places in the area that are safe? I'm looking for a place that is quiet and cosmopolitan, as well as a place that has restaurants, upscale shopping boutiques, and nice bars (not clubs). Please give your recommendations. Thanks!


City: Toronto

Province: Ontario

Country: Canada


Hey there,those areas are not that bad for living but there are some areas more in the centre that are pretty hip & afe as well.
For example midtown toronto like younge/davisville area.
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Try Queen Street West: It offers a real neighborhood scene with the added presence of many artists and students, professional and retired people, so you have a bit of everything.

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Toronto is incredibly safe, comparable to northern european cities. Etobicoke is more akin to a suburb, and Riverdale very upscale residential: both very quiet. Upscale or quiet means generally less cosmopolitan, so you may have to prioritize. Some areas to consider: Yonge and Eglington, Queen West, Roncevalles, Harbourfront, around Cumberland street, Bay and Davenport. Both upscale and cosmopolitan have a range a meanings, so it may be good to give more specific examples of what you enjoy. Toronto has very diverse 'hoods, so you may probably find just what you need if your needs are clear enough.

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