As a first-time traveller to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, what is the easiest way to get there?


Country: Saudi Arabia


welcome my friend
the easiest way to reach mecca
by buying a tickit to JEDDAH & when U arrive
U have two options :
1- U take a taxi to mecca from the airport
it's 1 hour drive maximum or 30min minimum

2- U can take a bus by checking UR agency if
they have a regular bus line to mecca

i feel the better for U to choose number 1
coz it's easiest & U will avoid any delays waiting for
another people to show up & it will cost U about
200 Saudi Riyals thats around 54 U.S.Dollars

i hope U got the informayion UR looking for

Good evening! You may also want to fly intio riyadh and then take a bus to mecca. this is the most common way but the suggestion regarding going to jeddah may be the most convenient.
As abdelrahman said :)
And i prefer That u take a taxi its more comfortable
Assalamu Allaykom dear brother,

In my opinion, the easiest way to reach Maaka is taking a taxi from King AbdulAziz Airport ( in Jeddah ).

be carefull sometimes taxi drivers charge high prices for tourists, as it happens everywhere around the world.
Hi there.
but first you need to get your visa from a known Omra & Haj Agency in your area.
this agency should help you with the travel arrangements and the hotel booking here.
unless you are coming for business and want to do Omra a well. in that case, if you are in Jeddah you can take a taxi as advised. I usually pay 100 - 120 Riyals for the ride to Al Haram (in the seasons that would be doubled)
if you are in Riyadh depending on how much you can spend you can take a plane to Jeddah and then a taxi or you can take a bus to Mecca directly from Al Azeziyah bus station.

I hope that was helpful

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