We've planned to go to Mazatlan late Dec.What's the weather like then?



City: Ciudad Mazatlan

State: Sinaloa

Country: Mexico


well anytime to go the beauty mazatlan is great actually i guess its "colder" (and not so much during the last days of february and the first days in march during december the winter its kind of cool but still nice you can take a shower and go the beach and maybe the lowest temp you get is like 10° but is not very common, so still is a nice choice go mazatlan during december ;)
I think is the best time to go, during the night turns cool , but its warm in the day, in the summer is very hot
"the place of the deer"
In december the weather is between 78 and 53
and january from 78 to 52
so it's te best time to visit the beach
there is a very low probability of precipitation.
well is not the best time,but still is warm enough,cool nights,fair warm weather during the day
Well look, ones I went to spend Christmas in Mazatlán, and the weather during the day was really nice; during the nice was a little beat cold.
And the only thing that I can tell you is that when you go to take a swim in the ocean is not so bad, but when you come out of the water it’s a little beat cold.
The weather around that time in year in Mazatlan is very pleasant. The high temeprature usually hovers around 80 degrees Farenheit. Mazatlan,Hawaii and Cuba are at the same lattitude, so their climates are very similar. Hope this helps.
The weather in Matzatlan in late Dec. is almost always the same. Hot sunny days, cool mornings and evenings. I would bring a sweater or jacket. The whales will be in the bay, in December, so you should go out on a boat. Most activities happen once you are in Mexico so do not worry about reservations til you get here! Hotel reservations are probably needed. Enjoy
Nothing to add in terms of climate, just enjoy the golden beach oF Mazatlan! If you want to do some trips in the area, someone to guide you around, book a hotel, etc. please let me know, i have good contacts in Mazatlan.

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