How do I get to dresden?

from Amsterdam.. Where is train station, which train is it, and schedule please..


City: Dresden

State: Saxony

Country: Germany


You can look in the internet to find a schedule for the train from Amsterdam to Dresden. Homepage is . It takes 9 till 10 hrs and costs around 150€ for a single trip. You can even buy a online-Ticket at this Homepage with a credit card.
Normally the train stations are directly inside the city. I hope this helps.
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Hi Ruth,

Since you didn't mention when you are traveling, visit the Dutch train service web site () - there is often a bit of a cost difference buying from the Dutch end as opposed to the German end, and often times you cannot buy international tickets from the web site (though it's getting better).

In Amsterdam, the main international train station is Amsterdam Centraal. There are, however, two main train stations in Dresden: Dresden Hauptbahnhof and Dresden-Neustadt. From either one it's about 10-15 minutes by foot/ 5 minutes with public transportation to the historic city center, but the majority of hostels are located in the Neustadt.

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