We will be staying near old town Puerto Vallarta and two of us are early risers and like to walk to a nice cafe for a cup of coffee. ...

...Will be there April 4 to 9.


City: Puerto Vallarta

State: Jalisco

Country: Mexico


I am sorry but i am not in puerto vallarta, i am in Chiapas in the south of Mexico
Hi Cathy, we ae not in Puerto Vallarta. Our B&B is about 1 hour away from old town. But if you are interested to come and visit please do so.
Well im not in Puerto Vallarta either, but i been there, so, why u 2 dont go on a taxi, walk to the rivera and the malecon, and take the via 2 the market, there ull find a nice restaurants, with wiew 2 the sea or the forest, and a lots of souvenirs!, so u can fun by walking only!, take care and have fun!
Sorry, to reply this late.
Hi there, OLD TOWN you will have many restaurant options for all budgets.
Easy to get around and safe ... restaurants in old town just to mention a few options: Cafe de Olla (mex rest), Miguelito's Pancake House, Fredy's Tucan these restaurants are on the same street Basilio Badillo.
I would like to tell you more, would you mind telling me where are you staying (location) so i can detail my info.
A Page in the Sun bookstore is on Olas Altas. You can get coffee and enjoy the sidewalk seating or browse through the used books. You can also get coffee at any of the beach restaurants La Palapa offers a nice breakfast or you can just get coffee and sit and enjoy the view. Fredy's Tucan is a great diner-style restaurant and the Pancake House offers fantastic pancake and waffle creations if you want more than just coffee.

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