Hi, I am looking for a nice person in Bangkok

During my stay i will require a nice person to show me around into photography,and people, Many Thanks Steve


City: Bangkok

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


Hi Steve. Depending on what you want to see and photograph in and around Bangkok I can be available but you will obviously have to foot the bill for accommodation. meals, etc.
Steve, tell me how many hours, days you want to spend in BKK and what you wanna see
You will have to let me know how long you're gonna stay here then I can arrange things for you. It would be great if you can tell what you like to see or what kind of place you like. Im sure I can show u around. Let me know :-)
I may be able to show you around as it is the low season for me right now. I am a tour guide in Bangkok.Please let me know what I can help you.
I won't be able to show you around as I'm in Hua Hin but let me know what do youi want photography and I can advise you the places to go...
Sure! I can take you to many attractive places & people. I think you will love there. Pls prepare yourself because Thailand's getting hot weather(very very sunny). Hope to see you soon. Just post where favorite would you like to go? inbound or outbound Thank you very much.
Pay attention girls, not all men have honorable intentions:
his questions ate very vague and general, so not very trustworthy......
Need more details.
Hi, sorry normally i show ard city-shoppin more than nature/temples for photography... cant help u much on that :) anyway, hav a nice trip
Hi Steve, let me know when you are coming, how many days, anything particular you may want to do while your here and I'll come up with a plan.
that not easy to find someone but how long you want to look aroud in bkk and many day you live in bkk
What are you looking to see?
Your best bet is to hire a university student to escort you. This will also be a very cost effective option. What are you looking to see, and for what period of time?
Hi, after my final exam next week, I'll be available to help... but I'm good only for going to temples and zoos :)
mmm... are you bona fide steve bello??!
Hi Steve, I'm Mc and I'm lie here in Thailand since I was born and you an contact me anytime.
Hi Steve, please be more specific then we can supply a more specific answer, what type of photography, what type of people ?
I am a tour guide in Bangkok, and i can show you everything you ask for. Just send me an e-mail
Dear Friends,

I just look in to the Mr steve's profile,
I couldn't see any details of the person other than the JUST a name.
I dont prefer to answer it Coz of this reason.

How long u wanna stay in Bangkok?
R u looking for M/F?

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