Wish to travel from Odesa, Ukraine to Constanta. What are the transport alternatives & costs? On arrival I may need accommodation. I...


Country: Romania


One choice is train, more than one day to arrive in Bukarest and from there 3-4 hours again by train.
You can try the flight option, ariving to Bukarest and from there by train to Constanta.
You have to ask in your country about travel prices.
Constanta has plenty of hotels, starting from cheap to expencive ones. If you go out of the season, it can be much cheaper. After 1-st June the season starts.
U can try by boat on the Black see from Ucraina to Romania, by train or flying... the hotels in Constanta are quite cheep but in the summer time they become more expensive
Hi, Alistair !

Flying with Carpatair, from Odesa to Constanta and back to Odesa after 10 days, costs 390 Euro.
The flight takes about 10 hours and 20 minutes.
Of course you can choose the option that best suits your interests by consulting a local travel agent.

Accommodation in Constanta at 4 stars with breakfast costs between 40-50 Euro / room during spring and autumn and between 50-60 Euro / room during high season (June-September).

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