I am looking for low cost accommodation in farm or rural setting between Lelystad and Utrecht.

Me and my wife are coming to do research on horses and need to be somewhere between Lelystad, Harderwijk and Utrecht because that's where we will spend our time. Connection on public transportation to Utrecht is important. We will need a modest place for 2 months starting end of March, at reasonable cost. Most places I find on the internet are too luxurious and too expensive for such a long stay. Thanks!


Country: Netherlands


I just found it on google, so I don't know how good it is exactly, but it really looks okay.
is also an option, although I don't know if google translate will work for that.
U R only lodging for two months....thats not long when it is work related hence, you can have difficulty in finding a suitable house or flat when owners are also not prepared to redo, reclean, re-advertise and re-arrange legal docs to protect their interests...(thats how our infra structure in Holland is set up) and you only wish to be charged the amount you stated... its not practical 2B honest unless U R backpackers... and then again, I would suggest you contact a local property agent and your specific needs and situation once underdstood would be easier to hanfle by them as well as for you too.
You can try on yr own at this option>>:

I welcome you both and wish you All the best in your coming stint in our country....:))

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