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Hi, I am Patrick from HK. Glad to know that you are working in a travel agency. My friend and I are gonna visit JNB during the World Cup but we are frustrating on accommodation as many of the hostels are fully booked. We are wondering if there are still cheap hostels available. Trust that there are always some local's tip which is not easily discovered by foreigners, so we really need your help. Many thanks in advance for your time. Patrick


City: Johannesburg

Province: Gauteng

Country: South Africa


Hi Patrick

We have answered this request i'm the manager of Big FIVE house which caterers for long term and short term Lodging, this accommodation can only be achieved with a 50%deposit A.S.P Please refer to our original answer to this request or feel free to contact us on / or +27741180690 /+27834358654 or +27737428476
hi patrick could you give me an indication of the dates you want to travel
there is a number of options including home hosted around the johannesburg area
within 30km and all routes are on major freeways plus minus 30 to 40 minutes drive
Hello Patrick,

How many rooms do you need and what is your budget?
Why not try out Couch Surfing: I'm sure staying with actual South africans would be cool during the World Cup :)
yes I have tried that and asked, but many of them simply announce that they won't offer any more accomo during WC period! So to play safe, have to bother you guys here!
Hi Patrick, I have a range of affordable places for you and can get some quotes for you, if you could please tell me the dates you are planning to visit. Regards, Chantelle
Dear Patrick

Accommodation - no problem. Send us your landline number and we will call you to find out exactly what you require. Regards Paul Coetzee from Explore South Africa :
Hello Patrick

I still have loads of low budget to three star accommodation available during the World Cup. Please feel free to contact me or visit . I will give you you all the options I have.

Warm regards

HI Patrick

yes the hotels are a bit hectic bt not totally impossible
it depends which dates and price range you are looking at
what specs do you need assistance on
let us knw and we would gladly try and assist you for this

I do have accomodation for you guys just let me know when will you be in South Africa

Hello Patrick,

Nice to meet you and thank you for the question. I am not really a travel agent yet I can go hunting for you but as I can see that many others with better links have already responded to you. Should the below not be of help or the budget not to your satisfaction - please get back to me. Since you are looking for budget accomodation - have you tried looking at the Town Lodge and formula 1 inns?
Let me know!
Hi - my name is Albert and I am a tourist guide in Johannesburg. My friend is running an agency that specialises in World Cup accommodation. Please advise if you need more information and contact me directly on . I am happy to assist and we have lots of accommodation you can choose from (all different price ranges). I have been to HK 4 times and love your city. Keep in touch.
Accommodation will be more freely available closer to the time as Match releases accommodation that has not been booked. There are a number of people in and around the host cities which are offering rooms or their home. If you google you will find something I am sure that will fit your budget. Just remember all prices will be inflated and not as inexpensive as you would have liked. Happy hunting.
Hi Patrick,

Give us the dates and number of pax plus budget as we have cheap rooms.

I dont really know what to say about that but I'll try and help. You are going to have to part with some of your cash to book a room or two. There are still some places available and the only way to do so is to contact them and book. Some will ask for the half payment or something like that. What is your budget and if you dont mind me asking, will it really be a problem if you moved in with a family that will cater for you during that time, if you have run out of ideas. I know of a nice family that will offer a nice and secure room and would love to mix with people from other areas during this time. Just asking, if you think its not ok, please don't respond...
Good Day Patrick.
I experience the same problem finding available affordable accommodation during the WC. It is amazing how drastically the prices have double from last year till now. I specialized in (4*) and (5*) accommodation units, it is the only accommodation I used for my travelling packages. Please let me know when you and your friend will be arriving in SA, maybe I can help with a spear room.
Hope to hear from you soon.
PS: Please have a look at my website:
Best Regards
HI there patrick
Next time you in Johannesburg looking for accommodation.
Kindly contact Meryl Van Wyk on 0729542643 or 011 3141594
Accommodation and service excellence guaranteed.
Kindly inform her that you were referred to by Mitchell Pennells a localyte from Pietermaritzburg

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