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Hello all, we will be driving from Ams to Buccarest in August. Maybe going on to the Black Sea. Would welcome any and all suggestions re. travel, places to see, where to sleep, do's and don'ts. Thanks Renee


Country: Romania


I'll be looking forward to guiding you through Constanta, the largest city on the Black Sea Coast. August is an excellent time of the year to visit it!
I have driven to amd from the UK to Bucharest many times. The road up to and past Budapest is all motorway, but then it reverts to standard road just 100km from Bucharest. No real problems to be found, make sure you buy a vignette in Austria and turn your lights on through Austria. Take your time, there is lots to see, especially in Sibiu, which youmay drive through. Any more questions, just drop me a line
Thank you, will get in touch with you later.
You need a vignette for Romania too. For 7 days is approx 3 euro and for 30 days it costs approx 7 euro.

Things to see and do: i warmly recommend driving through Transylvania. You can enter the country near Timisoara (Cenad-Kiszombor), Arad (Nadlac) or Oradea. Places to stop: Timisoara (the city where the Revolution started in 1989, nice looking Austrian-Baroc buildings, cool cafes and pubs); Sibiu and fortified churches; Sighisoara; Brasov (including Bran castle); Bucharest. Avoid the bit Brasov-Bucharest on week-ends, it is very crowded. If you really want to try a motorway in Romania, then from Sibiu drive down to Pitesti and then to Bucharest.

If you write what interestes you (are you more of a museums- type, nature-type, night-life-type...) then you get better answers what one can see and do.
Dunno whatever you are a camper kind of person, but I would like to recommend you two nice campings run by Dutch people: one is De Schaapspoort just before Sibiu

the other one is Doua Lumi (former BeNeLux)
. We enjoyed both of them in our trips in Transylvania.
Some answers you can find on my localyte page. If you need help in finding good accomodation prices let me know.
sorry I am 8 hours from Bucharest and have never driven across borders. i fly every where outside Romania
Don't sleep in a very cheap inn or hoste... you wont be able to rest :)
i highly reccomend you to go to Vama Veche,if you are thinking about spending some of your vacation in Romania on the Black Sea coast. Vama Veche is an excellent place to party,foreigners seem to be very fond of it!
now,regarding Bucharest,you can go to Motoare,which is a fine place to drink you cold beverage at summer time. Motoare is situated on the roof of the Bucharest National Theatre.
u should also go to Baraka,which is a very nice outdoor party place,near the Herastrau Park.
this is what you shouldn't miss,if you say you want to come here in summer:)
better let us know how long do u want to spend in Romania!
If you are driving you could do well to read these tips here from Bucharest In Your Pocket:
My suggestion is not to drive outside of the cities on the night time and that's because the roads are narrow and you can have a car accident very easy. Just be careful. It is not like the western Europe. In the whole country there is only one highway - Bucharest to Constanta. In between the cities on the roads you will find wagons pulled by horses and all kinds of people and things that only in Romania you can find. The people are very nice but not necessary in the cities. By car you will be able to see a lot of natural beauties. Good luck and enjoy!
There a few parts of Romania wich you'll find verry interesting.You should spend a night in Maramures in a traditional village and then make your way down to Sighisoara, then Sibiu, Brasov, Sinaia and finaly Bucharest. If you need good places to stay let me know and i'll send you a list with all the locations and prices.Good luck!
If you want to travel in Romania, in August, it is advisable to visit the first area of Bucovina (where there are many traditiii the Roman People) View the Web:
What is indicated by visit Mountains of Romania, see web: ; you can go in the Danube Delta (UNESCO Natural Reserve) see website: ;and you can choose what area you looking on the web at:
Hi there! I c u want to drive around romania and hopefully I mite help (well I will try).I don't know what U really into but I stronglly recomend to enter Romania from Oradea. Is a nice town I will be able to help with the acc there and things to c and do then U have Cluj again really nice from there Sighisoara (is stunning) then Tg.Mures down to Brasov where u can visit Bran castel (a.k.a. Dracula's castel) and so on! If u will let me know how long u planning to travel around Romania I could do like a small map with thinks to do and c! FREE OF CHARGE! I know it sounds to good to be true but I'm not into this for the money just happy to help. Be carefull with the exchangeing the money and at the hotells as they mite try to rip u off!I can also help u planning the route from Ams to Rom as I have travelled from UK a bunch of times!here is my e-mail: hope I've been helpfull. Please feel free to ask any questions!!
I am Romanian but I must say roads in Romania are very bad, there is a great difference between the roads in all Europe and the roads in Romania.
Hi, Renee! Coming from Amsterdam you have a good choice of nice cities to pass through, before arriving to Bucharest: Timisoara, Arad, Oradea, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Brasov. Depending on how long your trip in Romania will be, and also on your interests, you can have a good time in Bucharest visiting cultural or historic places, relaxing in nice cafes, enjoying a musical evening or having fun in a cool club. As for going to the Black Sea, my recommendation would be to avoid the tourist resorts and look for accomodation in less populated areas, such as Portita or Vama Veche. I totally agree with the advice of other localytes: as you are coming from a highly civilized part of Europe in what concerns the infrastructure, expect the worst on the Romanian roads! If you wish, I can provide you with suggestions on your journey in Romania, guide you through Bucharest and also arrange details such as accomodation and travel in Bucharest and the Black Sea coast. Wish you all the best!

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