Hi, i'm Thuy from Saigon, Vietnam, i'm going to Phuket for 5 days, this is my first time in Phuket so i don't have any experience, it...

...would be great if someone can share experience with me, like what should i do, where to go, where to eat and stay for 5 days? Thank you very much.


City: Phuket

Province: Phuket

Country: Thailand


Hi Thuy,

There are so many things to do in Phuket. Pa Tong beach is one of the most busy beach in Phuket where you can actually find everything there, start from vary options of hotel/hostel until renting a motorcycle if you like to ride around Phuket.
In Pa Tong you will also find a lot of agent who provides a trip to may places around Phuket.

There are also few questions about Phuket here with good answers.
Please make time to search on them.

Have fun!
I'm back...
To give you the link of question about Phuket!

Click on it! Good luck!
Hello Thuy
I would like to add, that there many places to stay. These range from cheap to very expensive. I don't know what your requirements are?
Hotels in the Kata beach, Karon beach and Patong areas are good but very touristy. There are good deals going at present as we come into the low season. Have a look at for some other good hotel deals and also
Just please do not rent jet skis, use tuk tuks and taxis. These are very big scammers right now and are harming Phuket tourists.
You can read our local papers here at:-
I hope you have a wonderful safe stay with us.
Yes, there are a lot of things to do in Phuket, however, why do you want to go there? With the overly inflated prices and scams, it doesn't appeal.

I've been 5 times and enjoyed it, but unless you have money to spend on an activity or want to rent a motorbike, the only things are the beaches and shopping for tourist stuff.
Have you thought about going somewhere else rather than Phuket? Well, if you like nightlife and beach just so-so, Phuket is alright for you. However.if you like nature, originality and tranquilitry over and above nightlife, than Krabi province with Ko Lanta or Trang province may be more rewarding. The choice is yours!
Thanks, how to get to these places from Phuket?
I would suggest taking a boat from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi. The island is beautiful and less rowdy that Phuket. Many hotels and hostals can point you in the direction of a travel agent, they are everywhere. Travel from island to island is not expensive at all and it may take a little island hopping to find your favorite. Mine is Koh Phi Phi, I love the snokeling and the food :) Have fun!

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