Hello, I need little bit information about parking in Mestre. How much it costs for 50 places bus if we are staying here for one day?...

...Thank you:)


City: Venice

Region: Veneto

Country: Italy


I have no idea, never parked a 50 places bus in Mestre yet!

But I thik you can get a fair rate, maybe 50 or 100, or... for free!

Think hard, work smart! this is my moto.

As you look on the map of Venice city (Venice, Mestre, Marghera, Mira, etc, are all Venice city) from the mainland towards the historical city (The "Venice" you know on the water) there is the railroad cutting all in 2 and going to the water city.
On the mainland there is the Mestre train station.

Looking from there to the Venice Santa lucia train station (the one on the water) at left of the railroad is Mestre, crowded, filthy, big, ugly, expensive.
On the left hand of the railroad is Marghera, smaller, unknown, dwelled by workers, no attractions.

You find a parking in Marghera, behind a block, or at the south extremity, towards the industrial zone.

Have your bus driver take a Bike with him, and a good padlock. (The byke must look old and tired) He dumps you at Venice Piazza Roma (just next to the train station), goes out towards Mestre, reaches the mainland, heads to Marghera, finds a parking spot outhand, takes the Bike and reaches the trainstation (there is an entry from Marghera through a tunnel under the lines)
Parks the bike well locked, goes in the tunel, buys a ticket to Venice, and that's all. Every 10 minutes is a train to Venice and back.

All this you can plan in 30 minutes looking with Google earth or with , maps. There might be other maps services too, scout a bit!

Naturally, for 200 euro a day plus expenses( that is 4 - 5 euro each of you) I can come with you and manage to have all go smooth, but only on Saturdays and Sundays.
Not on the 10 - 11 April weekend thou, I will be in Germany.

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