Hi! I'm a journalist and i'm going to visit your country to describe the economic situation. i wander - whether it's good for czech...

...people that they don't use euro or it's bad? i mean today when euro is becoming weak because of Greece? can you write about some examples that you win with krone (in everyday life) or vice versa? what can i film to prove that?


Capital city: Prague

Country: Czech Republic



The generally accepted concept is that the benefits of joining the Euro outweigh the short term swings that benefit the koruna holders. But a downturn in the Euro would theoretically discourage tourism wtihin EU, a negative effect for the local population.The US $ has been recovering against the Kc lately and this is hopefully encouraging for the tourist trade in the upcoming months. It has been a rough year in general for the Czech businesses, especially those that rely on tourist income.
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Dear Halyna,

as to what has already been said, i'd like to add that changin to Euro would cause troubles to Czech businesses because the economical situation is not good here, we are fighting with the financial crisis and prognosis for this year doesn't sound too good. Also political situation is not stable and therefore, staying with Koruna is the best for Czechia. On the other hand if you feel like comparing Koruna to Euro, i would recommend doing so with situation in Slovakia as if you compare it with situation e.g. in Germany, it can't be considered relevant due to economical differences.

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