What is the most convenient way to get from Ffm airport to Hoefen im Enztal?


Country: Germany


At the airport you go to the train station at the airport very easy to find from there you will take the train to the main train station in Frankfurt which takes 10min there you will change a take the train to Hoefen. Its very easy
hallo wilfried,

it all depends on mney you want to spend. taxi would be most convinient i suggest. but if you want to safe some money do it by train. there you will get from people (most of them speak english or want to at least) and help you on other things you might want to do know. at the airport find your way to the main train station (most main stations are based in the city) and from there buy your ticket to hoefen (enztal). you can buy all your tickets on touch screen ticket machines (which are located inside all stations - clearly marked) and pay with your visa, euro or mastercard. you also can pay in cash. i prefer spending some time in buying my tickets over the counter - as the service staff will give you the best rates to Hoefen where you can save some further money (which the maschines don't tell you!). so good luck buddy and have good time with old germanics

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