Hi Berliners! I will visit your city for the annual ITB and I wanna ask you for some insider tips on cheap and nice bars or pubs as...

...well as some worth-visiting cultural attractions. thanks for your helps in advance! Tschuss!


City: Berlin

State: Berlin

Country: Germany


Hi Chris. In Berlins inner city there are some good quarters with a lot of venues, bars, restaurants. One of the more -international- placed bars/restaurants is WHITE TRASH-FAST FOOD at Schönhauser Allee, close to Rosa Luxemburg Platz U2-Metro station. Goos beer, good music, several extra events down in the basement and a lot of english speaking guests. Or have a look at CAFE BURGER, not far away at Torstrasse, wellknown for Vladimir Kaminers "Russendisko" happenings. North of that section in district Prenzlauer Berg (uphill, 2 stations away on "Eberswalder Strasse") there are several bar/club/restaurant "strips" like Kastanienallee, Lychener Strasse, Helmholtzplatz, Sredzkistrasse ,-there you find the oldfashioned area of a former beer brewery, now known as KULTURBRAUEREI. 6yards with different venues. Try the FRANNZ CLUB. Attention: Avoid the area of KOLLWITZPLATZ/KOLLWITZSTRASSE. Its expensive and a typical mass-tourism corner.
Legendary music-clubs (not techno at all): BERGHAIN, WEEKEND, SAGE CLUB,
CAFE MOSKAU, www., ,
Cultural Attractions: MUSEUM ISLAND. The Museum Insel is UNESCO world heritage. 5 Museums, the most wellknown are The PERGAMON Museum with the ancient greek -Pergamon Altar- inside and now reopend and the hit of all, the so called "New Museum" (1850). Because, after 60 years the bust of the egyptian queen Nefertiti is placed back on her established Berlin adress in here. But the whole building is a must!
At least, Berlin is a low pricecity in relation to Paris or Rome. No worries.
all the best
Gerhard from Berlin
Danke sehr schoen, Gerhard! I will definitely try those places:)

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