Do you know what the capital of Romania is?

Is it Vienna. Budapest or Bucresti?


Country: Romania



Bucharest is more than 500 years old and dates back to the time of Vlad Tepes, Dracula. He was the first leader to make Wallachia free of outside influences. Near by his tomb was supposedly buried under a church at Snagov Lake. There are traces of his presence all over the city with themed restaurants, bars and shops some which of are quite amusing.
The capital of Romania is Bucharest(Bucuresti), I Am living in Bucharest,so if you have any question I can help you.
Bye for now and have a nice day
The guy is making fun of us. And it's not funny!
I agree... That is the most common geographic knowledge..
I will be shamed to ask that kind of question..That means that i don't know to use books,maps, or even more internet..
yep it`s Bucharest:D..

For your information, the complete answer is : Wien for Austria, Budapest for Hungary and Bucharest for Romania.

Have a nice day!
What a question?! There is no Bucresti... in this world, nor in Romania!
Bucuresti- Bucharest
Bucharest was first mentioned in documents as early as 1459, and becoming the state capital of Romania in 1862
It's definetely Bucuresti (Bucharest).
It is Bucharest ( Bucuresti)
Yep, it's definitely Bucharest, and I can understand if someone confuses it with Budapest, but with Vienna?:o)
I know that Bucharest (Romania) sounds like Budapest but Vienna?
If this is supossed to be a joke, then the capital is Moscow :) If not, then the other people already answered your question.
The capital of Romania is Bucuresti(this is in romanian language) Or Bucharest in english.
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The capital of Romania is Bucuresti, in romanian language, Bucharest in english language
Of course I know what is the capital of Romania, it's my country. The capital is Bucharest and in the official language of my country, which is romanian, the name of the capital is Bucuresti, name which comes from happiness.
If you have any other questions fill free to ask me, I'd be more than happy to answer or help you.
Take care!
Is this some kind of joke? I understand confusing Bucharest with Budapest, but with Vienna? Come on..
That's what I said before, asking him/her what kind of question is this...? He/she needs points here at localyte maybe. Also, doesn't ask about Bucuresti but Bucrest!! And we all waste our time answering a stupid question put here by one who has time to waste... But why ours? I will stop from this moment to follow this topic.
just google "romania".you will find anything usefull to your curiosity.
good luck'
Tfe capital of Romania is Bucharest, often reffered to as “Little Paris”.

the correct answer is Bucuresti.
Vienna is the capital of Austria, Budapest is the capital of Hungary.

Have a nice day,

Bucarest. Vienna is the capital city of Austria, Budapest is the capital city of Hungary
Is Bucharest for more info please access and on the upper right corner you have the english version.
Since you are here, on the internet, asking this question, it means that you know the basic stuff about computers, internet, search engines, etc. So instead of asking a question that is frankly embarassing for the one who asked it, better just google it, or try wikipedia, or something similar and find out the answer this way.
good joke...but y am sure that it isn t so good for romanian people...BUCURESTI(BUCHAREST)since 1862...
Maybe next time it's just easier to google such elementary things, so you don't start up people like this :)
Is there a prize for answering this? What a joke?
The capital of Romania is Bucharest or Bucuresti (romanian language). On the map Vienna is the capital of Austria and Budapest is the capital of Hungary!
Bucuresti is called in romanian.
It is Bucharest - Romania
Ha... interesting questions I meet here time after time:) actually this's Bucharest, of course.. another thing - who asked such a questions..??:)
Ha... interesting questions I meet here time after time:) actually this's Bucharest, of course.. another thing - who asked such a questions..??:)
only smart guys on this site
It is Bucresti (Bucharest)!
Budapest! very nice place!
Bucuresti, Ciao
Tough question....Bucharest....maybe?
Funny question.. It's Bucharest :P
just a silly question!
It is Bucharest.... not to be confused with Budapest which is the capital of Hungary.... Budapest is very nice too!!
Why bother to submit this question when a ten seconds look on any info site would have pointed to Bucharest?
Bucharest in English, Bucuresti in Romanian - what kind of question is this?!?!
Google it, my funny friend ! You know Google right ? The smart one ? Jusk ask him.
Vienna is the capital of Austria. Budapest is the capital of Hungaria. Bucharest is the capital or Romania.... and Romania is a recent name for this region that originally (up to the XIX century) was called with the names of its two main regions: Valacchia and Moldavia.
it's bucuresti(read like boo-coo-re-sh-tee)
The capital of Romania is Bucharest(Bucuresti)

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