Hello! Could you please tell me what is the best wind season for Phuket? I am a kitesurfer. thank you


City: Puket

Province: Phuket

Country: Thailand


Hello George
Here is a site for you to check for kitesurfing:-

The best 2 times for kiteboarding in Phuket are :
June, July, August & September
Between 12 & 18 knots (recently we had a week of 25 knots).
November, December, January & February
Between 12 * 18 knots.

Come on over.
thank you very much!! I think I'll come! :)
WE look forward to having you here, when do you think you will visit us for some kitesurfing?
Heja George
Read Graham's (local) advice. Nothing to add!
Hello George
About December/January/February and July/August/September, are the best times. Kata Beach and Surin Beach my Favorites. But Surin Beach is more dangerous.
The good winds will start in April/May and will last until Oct.
My landlord says Dec.
Hello George,

Just additional info after all the answers you have here.
Try to click on
It will give you about the wind around the world ;)

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