What is the best site to visit in Phuket?? and what is the best activity to try in Phuket?


City: Phuket

Province: Phuket

Country: Thailand


If you like action and nightlife then go to Patong. If you like rest is the best place Kamala and Surin.
The best activity to try in Phuket? I think this is the new "Water-Park". Check this:
Hello Oktaviany Caroline
Well, it depends on what you like?
Patong for nightlife, sex shows, fake goods and please, stay away from the tuk tuk rip-offs. There are dance clubs and a big new Muay Thai Fighting Arena.
The new water park is seriously overpriced, ( rumoured to be the most expensive waterpark in the world ? ) and no shade, so it is very hot.
The Big Buddha in Chalong is worth a visit, as is the sea food restaurant at Kru Suwit Raft Seafood Restaurant near Liem Hin Pier.
SCUBA Diving is also highly recommended here and there are some good diving outfits that do this. Email me for a more detailed info pack on the diving shops?
Then experience a sunset at Laem Phromthep. Beautiful views.
Visit the old section of Phuket City, around Soi Romanee. Old buildings and original shop houses from an era gone by.
Hope this helps you decide on your activities?
Enjoy your stay here.
Yes Caroline Oktaviany, what Graham MacMillan say ist 100% right, even meodest, more and more Tourists are deceived by rip-offs and many more. You should not travel alone, may take a man from format as Graham MacMillan as consultant and bodygueard :-) - Fredy
Yes Wat Chalong and Old building in Phuket city will nice to visit and please spending one night in Patong Beach. Take day trip on Sea Canoe to visit PhangNga Bay and snokelling around PhiPhi Island.
Heja Caroline
Read/see the sound suggestions from Graham McMillan. Then of course all trips to
the beautiful scenery/islands of Phuket. For sporting: best place for snorkeling and scuba-diving.
phuket, let me see, i recommend a quick walk round the old town, because its totally chinese and fantastic, then get off the island because anywhere is better than here!
Hi Oktaviany Caroline,

Graham MacMillan has written a clear description about what might be an interest for you at Phuket. Thanks to Graham MacMillan :)
But also read what Fredy wrote "should not travel alone" and what Ben wrote "get off the island"!

There are many other things you can do while you are in Phuket!
You can rent a motorbike and just get lost to find the 'Secret Beach'! Hahaha...

Also put on your list to experience Phang Nga Bay, Koh Panyee, Koh Phi Phi, Similan Islands, Khao Lak, ...
If you love outdoor sports then Phuket is one place to sport it!

There are lots of hotel in Pa Tong area that you can choose depends on your convenience.

Note : I went there alone. Sssttt... Don't tell Fredy about it! ;)
I'm a little worried when Graham said "should not travel alone", i don't travel alone but with a girl, so we are both worried, is that really a dangerous place for girls?
Hi Caroline,

That depends on your interests. Basically, Phuket has everything to offer a tourist like you. If you like swimming better go to the beach like Kata, Karon, Patong or Kamala..that's if your budget is not limited but if u got limited budget then better stay in Phuket town, prices here are a lot cheaper than on the beaches.

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