what do you think about pordu university in lafayyete indana?? i am from ksa and i would like to come and study in usa :)

thank you for cheking may question.. i have got a scholer chip from my contry to study in the united states so one of the universities that were adviced for me to go to is porduo university.. so were is it exactly and can you give me an idea about the weather and the cost of living in the city.. thank you for your concederation..


City: Indianapolis

State: Indiana

Country: United States


Hello, The weather during the winter is rather chilly, You would most likely need to get a navigation system in order to get you around. I live 2 hours away from there so the weather is usually the same. It can get rather hot during the summer. Usually during the winter we get a lot of snow. The school is a very good school. They have really great courses to take.

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