restaurants near Iberotel Cairo-- we will be staying there our last night in Cairo and I I would like lovely final memories of Egypt. ...

...Any other suggestions for what we should do would be appreciated.


City: Cairo

Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt


hi there ,
what kind of food you prefer.
western, Asian, Arabic,Egyptian
The Iberotel is out in Heliopolis near the airport. I'm sure you know the hotel itself has 6 restaurants but I don't know any of them. Il Giardino is Italian and El Dawar oriental. Heliopolis itself is renowned for its restaurants. Cortigiano is well regarded and considered romantic (Italian food) although I did hear from someone that service can be slow and there's no alcohol. It has a no smoking area if smoking bothers you. If you like Lebanese you could try Al Dalouna at 114 El Sayed El Merghany Street - families and couples, reasonable prices. You could try the Holiday Inn City Stars restaurant Indira if you like Indian food, or there are all sorts of restaurants in City Stars itself.

For an extra special night (if you don't mind the cost) I would take a taxi into town and eat on one of the cruising restaurants such as the Nile Pharaoh or the Nile Crystal, or even on one of the moored restaurants, which are cheaper. This is an Egyptian experience that you can't have anywhere else :-) You could probably expect the whole night to cost you about US$160 for two people including taxis and drinks. You'd get entertainment and music included.

Enjoy your Egyptian holiday and I hope you find a final night to remember.

Lyndall EL Masry
Nile Wave Travel

Just in front of the hotel , you'll find the airport mall. I'd recommend a resturant called (Abou ELsyed) , with its oriental atmosphere. Oh I love it.
That's I'd really recommend
lyndall is correct, her information is accurate
Fridays on the nile , AMAZING place
The Pharaohs Cruising Restaurants..... enjoying the last night with a lovely final memories of Egypt ... enjoying ur meal on the nile
Their is a nice restaurant in Heliopolis the name is Abo Shakra

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