What's Amsterdam's speciality cuisine that we must definitel try when we visit?

And what kind of gifts can we buy there for people back home (typical Dutch gifts)?


Country: Netherlands


If you want to try something Dutch you can go and eat poffertjes for lunch somewhere and for dinner there will be such an amount of choise, I cannot advise you about Amsterdam sorry.

Presents. You have a lot of giftshops in Amsterdam. If you want to bring some candy you can bring 'stroopwafels' of 'dropjes'.

Enjoy Amsterdam!
Typically dutch food is heavy to warm you in the cold winter. They generally eat stampot. this is mashed potatoes with vegetables (boerenkool or zuurkool)and served generally with a piece of smoked sausage meat or meatball. Another popular dish is Hutspot. This is mashed potatoes, carrots and onions served again with a piece of meat such as smoked sausage or meatball. Minature pancakes (otherwise known as poffertjes) is another traditional food in holland. These are served with butter and icing sugar. There are several restaurants with in amsterdam that serve traditional dutch food. I have found several very nice small and cosy restaurants at Leidseplein. In this area there are many kinds of restaurants. This is a very live and happening place, however the restaurants are small and generally quiet, and the food here is fantastic.

Presents are easy to buy in this area too, however throughout amsterdam there are little present shops all over. Typically dutch is delft blue (blue and white articles) these are very easy to find in all different present shops (which line the streets of amsterdam). The chocolate is superb in nederland so that is also an idea. There are also several sweets that are typically dutch which make fantastic presents such as..... stroopwaffels (syrup waffles), drop (licorice), HagseHopjes (coffee flavoured sweets). Also during the period of late octoiber to early december there are chocolate letters (which are used as sint nicholas gifts) these are delicious and make fantastic presents. The best brands of these are either droste or vakade...otherwise buying them from a specialist chocolate shop will ensure great tasting treats.
Typical but OFFTRACK Dutch FOOD:
- Try the Pancakes boat: . Departing from Ms. van Riemsdijkweg, right where free NDSM ferry from Central Station lands at. All you can eat during 1 hour for €14,50. Sails whole year round, twice on Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun & more often during holiday periods. Boarding no later than 15 mins prior to departure. Reservation advisable.

- Stroopwafels: there's 1 stand in town that makes them fresh: at the 100+ year old single-street market Albert Kuijp. Somewhere in the middle, south side of the street. They're the best.

- De Keuken van 1870 , Spuistraat 4, next to Club Bitterzoet offers simple native food in a former soup kitchen. Very affordable and typical.

- For chocolate goodies and pies, consider visiting at Utrechtsestraat 109. It has won prizes for the best pastry shop in the city. Hartogs Volkoren and Broodbakker Simon Meijssen (also a shop at Albert Kuypstraat) have the best bread in town.

Of course you can visit tourist shops, head shops and sex shops. They're all over, so here's for some TYPICAL, but OFFTRACK GIFTS
- Near to the stroopwafel stand, at the other side of the street is a salesman who offers live-size chocolate penises. Incase you're wondering, they're in 'active' condition, and fully cast instead of having a thin surface.

- Convenience goods store Hema has won many prizes for their simple but solid Dutch design goods. Pay a visit to for instance their store at the end of Kalverstraat, in the Kalvertoren.

- The Dutch like cinnamon flavored stuff. In supermarkets, go for ontbijtkoek/kruidenkoek (both translates into spicecake), speculaas or pepernoten (resp especially and only around Sinterklaas). Many Dutch folks have chocolate sprinkles for breakfast. Also available at supermarkets.

Come over to the South (Breda) and you can join my Dutch Cooking class. I'll take you to the market to buy fresh products and we prepare them together and have a nice meal. Eg. 'stamppot' is mashed patatoes with vegetables with meatballs. Yummie! price for the class depends on the number of participants

Or you can pick up 'friet met een kroket'or already mentioned 'poffertjes'
Most Dutch fastfood you will find in the Febo. I recommend to try the kalfskrokette, kaassouffle, friet speciaal en satekroket. Wash it down with a nice milshake.

If you are up for proper dining in old Dutch Fashion style, then you could try 1870 located at the beginning of the spuistraat. I would recommend you the hache with mash potato but I´m not sure if they make it regularly.
I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Indonesian food. As a former colony of the Netherlands, Indonesian food plays a big part in there cultural heritage. I think it's more commonly eaten than traditional Dutch food. If you're new to Indonesian food, try a rice table. This way you get about 10-20 small portions of different types of food. It tends to be reasonably priced in the The Netherlands.

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