Hi, wanting to improve my French and German!

I'm looking for a good (as in cheap) place to learn German and/or French. I would very much like to maybe do Eramus, but I don't really know what country to choose as the life cost in country's where the language is German seems to be so high! bitte, antwort :)


Country: Luxembourg


when you want i can help you to learning german and french. Where you from?
Hi. Luxemburgish Life cost is very high. It would be better to choose Saarbr├╝cken and area. This part of Germany is special: they have integrated French at school for the kids very early and they have a good result about the level of French spoken fluently. Life cost is quite lower.
Hi,well,talking about life costs,the truth is that Luxembourg is very expensive so i would go with Austria,they are German speaking and life costs are much lower then Germany and especially Luxembourg.On the other hand my choice for French would be definitely Belgium for the same reasons.If you looking for combination of both German and French try Strasbourg area where France and Germany kind of get as close as possible.Hope that answers your question and I'll be glad too answer any other you may have.Take care.Igor
thanks every1! Well, Andy, I'm from Portugal, so French is not that hard of a language for me, as both Portuguese and French come from the same mother tongue... But, I would really love to learn German. If you could helps, that would be nice ;) I've had only one semester of the language, and haven┬┤t really learned much... I thought about Austria, because it's is a central country and it's seems really beautiful. And with so much history.. I would love to do Erasmus there! Thanks again
Because it's located in Bonnevoie, I think you could easely find a cheap room at one of the many portugese families in this neighbourghood.
It's only an idea, but ....
Another link with all details, but in French

The most optimal thing would be to find a German host family living in Luxembourg. Many places you'd go to do shopping or just for a drink you would have to speak French and in the family you'd speak German. All this combined with a course in French and German would bring you up to speed.

If you want to stay cheap in Luxembourg, this might be a useful link:

The homepage also harbours links to different institutions for language skills and jobs
that would be great! but i'haven't really understand how can i apply and what i'm supposed to do :(
could you give me some help!
thanks again to everyone
You can also try here based on the Glacis it is a very good language centre and cheap as well. Living in Luxembourg is great because you can do whatever you like: from playing tennis to taking a plane and going to the south of Spain for a weekend...
Just remember that by car, train or plane you reach hundreds of places within 3 hours (Paris, Brussels, Cologne, etc...) close to everything you can switch countries and cultures very quickly.
The only thing: far from the sea and mountains, pretty cold and cloudy but very international. It's the perfect country to improve your languages as you will be able to meet people coming from everywhere and speaking french, german, english, russian, portuguese...
cuco me contata eu sempre estou pronto para o contate dentro priva se eu puder o ajudar:-)
Hi there

As a native English speaker in Luxembourg, and a language teacher, I can tell you that Luxembourg is a very multicultural place. I mention this because it actually makes it difficult to learn languages as most people speak a bit of everything.

So if your intention is to learn French, when you walk into a shop and they know you are not French, then people tend to switch to another language, same with German and often they don't even know they are doing it!

To learn a language properly, it is much better to go somewhere where you become immersed in the language and have no option but to speak it.

While there are some great language schools in Luxembourg, that people have already mentioned, once you are out of the classroom, it can be hard to keep it up!

Living costs in Luxembourg are quite high, but only when we talk about rent or buying houses. Eating, drinking, smoking and petrol are all very reasonable (petrol/diesel being just about the cheapest in Europe).

My advise would be to go to somewhere like Trier which is just over the border in Germany, reasonable living cost and Luxembourg is very close, not to mention France and Belgium too!

Oh and if you did come to Luxembourg, then there's the Luxembourgish language to consider too ;-)
This is their contact information, I never used that service, since we learn all these languages in primar school already, but I reckon, you'll be best of, just to give them a ring or a text message on the following numbers and they'll help you to go on
by e-mail:
by phone: +352 26 47 85 03
by sms +352 621 77 51 22
by fax: +352 26 47 85 04
by skype: receptionlanguages

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