I want to visit regensburg & munich by summer (August) it the best time or over crowded?

I want to visit regensburg & munich by it the best time? This is my 1st visit to the anyone can help to guide? Viele dank!!!


Country: Germany


Actually, August is a very good time to visit the area. Regensburg is never that busy, but Munich can be busy in June and July. In August, most of the backpackers are heading back to their respective countries because school starts in August across North America.

So, although the weather is warm and everything is running on a summer schedule, lines are short (if there are any), and you should have no problems at all.

I'm a tour guide who usually does tours of Munich, Salzburg, and Neuschwanstein 6 days a week during the summer and have been doing it for 5 years now, so take my advice and don't worry about it, Munich is friendly and easy.

Good luck.
wow ... vielen Dank Michael, i will take that great advice from you & everybody who replied.
danke schoen for helping me out to have an idea about the i can prepare better without a doubt about the people around. no worry i can speak a bit in deutsch...
my email was written here so, i'll keep in touch to all of you guys.
Hi Jean,

it depends where you go suburbs will probably be not as crowded as inner city locations.Like most major cities is Munich ver ybusy in Summer, especially as they have lots of biergardens and botanical gardens.

try these..

Martin Doughty
thanks a lot martin, all of you gave me such a great ideas...lots of choices huh!!!

Yeah, in summer its groovy there. take a rest in one of those biergardens at the end of the day and everything is fine. southern germany is good for beer anyway.
greetings from berlin
hi, thank you...yes south germany has this great beers but im not drinking either - hehehee - just adventures, i really like to see germany in a whole.

take care!
Hi Jean, I do think it would be a good time to visit because the weather should be pretty good. In Munich at least, tourism should level off after the start of school and before the start of Oktoberfest in mid-September.

For a free tour of the city, check out
hi Erica, wie geht es dir?
well, i guess its my lucky year & lucky month to see germany then, i planned as the best time huh! danke schoen for the site u've given. i'll keep in touch.

Take care...
Munich is always busy in summer ... especially in August. However, you will find good weather if you're going in the beginning of August.

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