Maya bay from Bangkok - how far and how to get there? How much will I spend for fare?


City: Bangkok Metropolis

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


Maya Bay is located at Phi Phi Island in the Andaman Sea. You will need to get to Phuket first then take a ferry. Maya Bay is very crowded with tourists most of the time however you can enjoy the beach by yourself if you know when to go. Here is a video of us island hopping and snorkeling to the islands and reefs around Phi Phi.

We had a little rain but that did not stop us from having fun.

Here is a video of us flying from Phi Phi Island to Phuket in a sea plane. We flew right over Phi Phi, very beautiful.

Randy and Ning
You can also get to Phi Phi from Krabi. I guess the fare by bus down to Krabi will be about 900 baht, it takes about 10 hours.
few choice for you:
get down to Phuket or Krabi then take a boat (early morning) to Koh Phi Phi or depending if you want stay longer, stay in Koh Phi Phi small beautifull island you will have more time then to spend on Maya bay but not only there you can snorkling around take a long tail boat for budget price. If you nee more details let me know. Presonaly it is for me the most beautifull place in Thailand, but limited.
An hour flight to Phuket, prices vary 1500 baht is the cheapest I've ever found. Bus 700 baht but takes 10-12 hours.

Seen a few trips advertised recently 1500 baht for the trip to Maya Bay, snorkelling & spending a night on Phi Phi Don, also quick stop on Kai island.
You can go by bus to Phuket for about 750 to 900 baht. It takes 10-12 hours. You could also bus it to Krabi.

You can fly quite cheaply with Air Asia, Bangkok Airways or Nok Air. Between 600 and 1200 baht one way.
You can take the train to Surat Thani or Chumpon and then take a bus to Phuket or Krabi.
The boat from Phuket is 400 - 500 baht return. Takes about 1 and a half hours.

To get to the bay itself, you can rent a boat with driver for half a day for about 600 - 800 baht.

I recommended the Maphrao (coconut) hotel, nice people, but be careful of the many mosquitos that live there!
Take a plane to Phuket, stay a while, then catch a high speed motor boat to Phi Phi. They take about an hour. Or you can get a slower boat for single charter, although costs more.
Phi Phi water is excellent for snorkling and scuba dives. Any of the better dive companies go to Phi Phi three times a week, but they take about 3 1/2 hours to get there.
Have fun when you get there.
You can take a bus to Krabi or Phuket (cheapest option) for about 800 baht or you can take a overnight sleeper train to Surat Thani then bus to Phuket or Krabi for about 900 baht or quickest way is to fly, Air Asia flies to both Krabu and Phuket and is quite cheap. Then you will have to get a boat to Phi Phi, about 90 minutes.
Take a plane to Phuket from Bangkok (Nok Air, 12Go, Air Asia or Bangkok Air), about 1200 THB, and then a boat to Phi Phi, around 500 THB.
Maya Bay is located at Phi Phi Island in the Andaman Sea. You will need to get to Phuket first then take a ferry. You can check all the low cost airlines in Thailand like Nok Air, 12Go, Air Asia and etc.

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