How much does a meal cost in Poland? e.g. a chicken meal?


Country: Poland


Chicken meal or some meal on big plate, in cheap restaurants or just fast foods, costs up to 20 zł (less then 5 euro). Small meals costs several zloties.
In restaurants with 4 stars you have to pay around 10 euro.
Big beer (0,5 l) costs 5-10 zł (1.25-2.5 euro), depends on kind of beer. Beer in minibrewery Spiż costs 8 and is awesome ;)
If you need more informations, just ask. :)
meals like everywhere are in totally different price: depends if you're in the rural area or in the city like warsaw, if you go to the fast food or to the restaurant
prices vary for a coffee with milk starting with 2 zloty (less than 1$) till 12zloty for caffe latte (about 4$)
meals like in mcdonalds are in the more or less same price: sandwich is about 9 zl, meal is about 15zl
the same with dishes - you can eat for 8-10 zl chicken rice and salat and for 40 zloty

have a nice trip
Be aware that chicken and pork are much cheaper than beef or fish in Poland.
A beef meal might cost twice as much as a chicken meal.
as my friends said.. it all depends on the quality of the restaurant. In cracow most restaurant at old town are good, and the prices for whole meal (meat, potatos/rise/chips/ and some salad) will cost around 20 - 30 zl, but you can easily find a exclusive restaurant that you can pay around 50 - 100 zl for a dish. Enjoy your meal!
Hi, what do You mean by "chicken meal"? It can cost from 10 zł (3 $) up to 70 zł (depends on the place where You eat and what You order). Good, healthy food-like everywhere is expensive.
The people here are right. it depends where you buy this chicken meal-from 20 to 70 zl, 1E is 4,70zl now. so its from less than 5 E up to 15E
Hi, as already written here a quite good chicken meal you can eat for about 5 euro even in bigger cities. To compare a McChicken will cost about 4 euro and a meal in a diner is much bigger usually and tastier:))
Beef aand sea- food is usually more expensive and mostly served in restaurants.

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