could you guide me on a walking tour also interested in seeing local music,rai music,nubian music,interested in sound & ligth show


City: Cairo

Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt


We can certainly provide you with a registered guide,male or female, to take you on a walking tour of Old Cairo. We have a ready-made walking tour of Old Cairo or we can work with you to make sure you see any part of the city you would like, dependent on your interests. If you were to be in Cairo on a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday we also have a tour that takes in dinner and a visit to the Wekalet el Ghouri and the night time tannoura music and dance show. Alternatively you could see the Pyramids Sound & Light Show - the time and night would depend on the language you need the show to be presented in. I found one Rai music performance - Sahra (Rai music) at the After8 Pub, 10:00 PM on February 25th - if you let me know when you are going to be here I can find more for you possibly. You can find a variety of Arabic and Nubian music at the After8Pub and Restaurant 6, Qasr El Nil St., Downtown
Tel.: 010 3398000. House rules are couples only, over 25 and only with a reservation but it may be worth a call even if you don't fit these criteria. You can find the rules on their website at . For me to find more for you it would definitely be best to know when you will be here. There are plenty of other night spots but the programmes change constantly.

You can find details of our tours on my profile, but talk to me about dates and how many are in your group and we'll provide an exact quote for you - I'm sure we can do a little better for you :-)
Contact me at with any questions, to provide more details or to book a tour :-)
hi dear,
i'm ready to make this for you ...just let me know when and then we can decide ...thank you .
** is it just you or you have friends??
I can definitely do that, and there are a lot of places that you can go to listen to music, for example, in the old market (khan el khalil) there is a Dervish show in the al Ghoureya palace. The Sakiat al Sawy, which is located in the island of Zamalek, also provides lots of shows, varying from local, to mixed flamenco and arabic music. The sounds and lights is available in the Pyramids and all along the river nile in the cities of Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simbel, every day and in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.
For the local music I prefer to go to EL SAWY CULTURE WHEEL it's located at Zamalek , easy to find . sound and Light show, first at Pyramids every night with about five languages. starting every hour. fo find details visit sound and light for the walking just say where to start and will be with you.
waiting for feed back.
Hi dear

i can do that with you. My name is Abdo. I am a student who study languages( German,English). If you have any questions or you are interested just contact me: 0020185840437
Please, ask my partners "I can Travel" in Cairo, I live in Dallas. I send tourists from USA.They can organize you whatever you want, refer to Elena international, their infor is on my website.
Thank you,
Have a grea ttime!
Yes of cores, i love to walk with you
i can do that in alexandria, please contact me
cotact me on mail i could help you
You are completly welcome ... we will enjoy helping you in that with pleasure just contact us :)

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